Don Grovestine's AI Flight Planer

Ever since the release of FSX AI flight plans were the topic of many discussions. Things had changed from FS9 onwards, and FS9 and FSX flight plans did not coexists per se. TTools faced the same problem like AFCAD - both tools did not (could not!) cope with new requirements from FSX. Don Grovestine accepted the challenge and wrote a new Flight Planner tool with the main focus on converting FS9 flight plans to FSX as well as writing new ones from scratch.

He succeeded very well. AIFP is still evolving further and is getting more powerful and convenient with every new release. The conversion of flight plans as described in my MAIW FSX Installation Guide are all done with AIFP. Don supports AIFP in a dedicated sub forum on FSDeveloper, and he promptly responds on error reports or good suggestions.

AI Flight Planer                  October, 31st 2010 The new version 2.1.00 has been released on Avsim, Flightsim and Simviation.
                  July, 3rd 2012 Minor Update to version 2.1.28 released

Static Aircraft Model Maker

Static Aircraft .mdl Maker ("SAMM") will convert just about any flyable FS8 or FS9 aircraft into a FS9 scenery model.

Just "point" SAMM to the aircraft you wish to convert, decide where to save the scenery file and, presto, "eye candy". (SAMM will not convert models developed specifically for FSX or for FS2000 or earlier).

SAAM is supported on FSDeveloper in the SAAM section.

Fence Builder Pro(Commercial)

FenceBuilder PRO is a graphical object placement tool, primarily designed for creating and placing ground-hugging fences, walls, hedges etc. for use with Microsoft Flight Simulator FS2004 and FSX, for example:
  1. perimeter fence around an airport or a fence or wall around a compound
  2. hedges to obscure visibility
  3. parking lots/security barriers
  4. power lines
  5. surface pipelines
  6. decorative elements such as garden walls, flower boxes, etc.
Any single structure or series of structures comprised of two sections of not more than four sides each, one above the other, can be generated and placed with FPB to follow the terrain.

Fence Builder Pro is available at SimMarket for about 20 €.

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