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Country County City Airport Latitude Longitude Altitude ICAO IATA
Australia Australian Capital Territory Canberra Canberra S35* 18.4093' E149* 11.7020' 574.85M YSCB CBR
Australia New South Wales Aeropelican Aeropelican S33* 03.9667' E151* 38.8833' 1.52M YPEC -
Australia New South Wales Albury Albury S36* 04.0667' E146* 57.4833' 164.29M YMAY ABX
Australia New South Wales Armidale Armidale S30* 31.6833' E151* 37.0333' 1083.87M YARM ARM
Australia New South Wales Ballina Ballina S28* 50.0267' E153* 33.7462' 2.13M YBNA BNK
Australia New South Wales Balranald Balranald S34* 37.4167' E143* 34.7000' 64.01M YBRN -
Australia New South Wales Bathurst Bathurst S33* 24.5667' E149* 39.1167' 742.19M YBTH BHS
Australia New South Wales Bourke Bourke S30* 02.3500' E145* 57.1000' 107.29M YBKE BRK
Australia New South Wales Brewarrina Brewarrina S29* 58.4333' E146* 49.0000' 126.19M YBRW -
Australia New South Wales Broken Hill Broken Hill S32* 00.0833' E141* 28.3000' 292.00M YBHI -
Australia New South Wales Camden Camden S34* 02.4167' E150* 41.2333' 70.10M YSCN -
Australia New South Wales Casino Casino S28* 53.0000' E153* 04.0000' 26.21M YCAS CSI
Australia New South Wales Cessnock Cessnock S32* 47.3000' E151* 20.5000' 64.31M YCNK CES
Australia New South Wales Cobar Cobar S31* 32.3000' E145* 47.6333' 220.68M YCBA CAZ
Australia New South Wales Coffs Harbour Coffs Harbour S30* 19.2333' E153* 06.9833' 5.49M YSCH CFS
Australia New South Wales Collarenebri Collarenebri S29* 31.3167' E148* 34.9333' 152.40M YCBR -
Australia New South Wales Condobolin Condobolin S33* 03.9000' E147* 12.5000' 198.12M YCDO CBX
Australia New South Wales Coolah Coolah S31* 46.4000' E149* 36.6000' 504.14M YCAH -
Australia New South Wales Cooma-Snowy Mountains Cooma-Snowy Mountains S36* 18.0333' E148* 58.4333' 946.71M YCOM -
Australia New South Wales Coonabarabran Connabarabran S31* 19.9500' E149* 16.0333' 645.26M YCBB COJ
Australia New South Wales Coonamble Coonamble S30* 59.0033' E148* 22.5387' 184.10M YCNM CNB
Australia New South Wales Cootamundra Cootamundra S34* 37.4333' E148* 01.6833' 338.33M YCTM CMD
Australia New South Wales Corowa Corowa S35* 59.4000' E146* 21.1000' 142.95M YCOR CWW
Australia New South Wales Cowra Cowra S33* 50.7000' E148* 38.9000' 294.44M YCWR CWT
Australia New South Wales Cudal Cudal S33* 16.6667' E148* 45.7833' 490.73M YCUA -
Australia New South Wales Deniliquin Deniliquin S35* 33.5667' E144* 56.7833' 96.32M YDLQ -
Australia New South Wales Dochra Dochra (Military) S32* 39.0333' E151* 12.4833' 56.39M YDOC -
Australia New South Wales Dubbo Dubbo S32* 13.0000' E148* 34.4833' 284.99M YSDU DBO
Australia New South Wales Evans Head Evans Head S29* 05.6000' E153* 25.2167' 6.10M YEVD -
Australia New South Wales Forbes Forbes S33* 21.8167' E147* 56.1000' 231.65M YFBS FRB
Australia New South Wales Glen Innes Glen Innes S29* 40.5000' E151* 41.4000' 1046.38M YGLI GLI
Australia New South Wales Goodooga Goodooga S29* 04.4000' E147* 22.5667' 139.90M YGDA -
Australia New South Wales Goulburn Goulburn S34* 48.6000' E149* 43.6000' 652.58M YGLB GUL
Australia New South Wales Grafton Grafton S29* 45.5667' E153* 01.8000' 33.53M YGFN GFN
Australia New South Wales Griffith Griffith S34* 15.0500' E146* 04.0333' 133.81M YGTH -
Australia New South Wales Gunnedah Gunnedah S30* 57.6667' E150* 15.0333' 263.04M YGDH GUH
Australia New South Wales Hay Hay S34* 31.9000' E144* 49.8000' 92.96M YHAY HXX
Australia New South Wales Hillston Hillston S33* 29.6167' E145* 31.4167' 122.83M YHLS -
Australia New South Wales Hoxton Park Hoxton Park S33* 54.5833' E150* 51.1333' 41.15M YHOX -
Australia New South Wales Inverell Inverell S29* 52.6833' E151* 08.6000' 812.90M YIVL IVR
Australia New South Wales Ivanhoe Ivanhoe S32* 53.0000' E144* 18.6000' 100.58M YIVO -
Australia New South Wales Jervis Bay Jervis Bay (Military) S35* 08.8333' E150* 41.8333' 60.96M YJBY -
Australia New South Wales Kempsey Kempsey S31* 04.4667' E152* 46.1833' 16.46M YKMP KPS
Australia New South Wales Lightning Ridge Lightning Ridge S29* 27.4000' E147* 59.0667' 164.59M YLRD LHG
Australia New South Wales Lismore Lismore S28* 49.8167' E153* 15.6000' 10.67M YLIS LSY
Australia New South Wales Lord Howe Island Lord Howe Island S31* 32.3000' E159* 04.6333' 5.18M YLHI -
Australia New South Wales Luscombe Holsworthy Army Airfield S33* 59.7000' E150* 57.1500' 76.20M YSHW -
Australia New South Wales Maitland Maitland S32* 42.2000' E151* 29.3000' 25.91M YMND MTL
Australia New South Wales Merimbula Merimbula S36* 54.5167' E149* 54.0833' 2.13M YMER MIM
Australia New South Wales Merriwa Merriwa Hospital S32* 08.6020' E150* 21.6540' 272.80M YXMW -
Australia New South Wales Moree Moree S29* 29.9288' E149* 50.6792' 213.66M YMOR MRZ
Australia New South Wales Moruya Moruya S35* 53.8702' E150* 08.6643' 4.27M YMRY MYA
Australia New South Wales Mudgee Mudgee S32* 33.7500' E149* 36.6667' 470.92M YMDG DGE
Australia New South Wales Mungindi Mungindi S28* 58.0000' E149* 03.5000' 182.88M YMGI -
Australia New South Wales Narrabri Narrabri S30* 19.1500' E149* 49.6333' 240.18M YNBR NAA
Australia New South Wales Narrandera Narrandera S34* 42.1333' E146* 30.7333' 144.17M YNAR NRA
Australia New South Wales Narromine Narromine S32* 12.9000' E148* 13.5000' 238.35M YNRM QRM
Australia New South Wales Newcastle Williamtown Military S32* 47.7000' E151* 50.0667' 9.45M YWLM NTL
Australia New South Wales Newcastle Westpac Base Newcastle Westpac Base S32* 55.2250' E151* 43.7875' 8.53M YXFV -
Australia New South Wales Norfolk I Norfolk Island Intl S29* 02.5550' E167* 56.2838' .00M YSNF NLK
Australia New South Wales Nowra Nowra Military S34* 56.9333' E150* 32.2167' 121.92M YSNW NOA
Australia New South Wales Nyngan Nyngan S31* 33.1000' E147* 12.2000' 173.43M YNYN NYN
Australia New South Wales Orange Orange S33* 22.9000' E149* 08.0000' 949.45M YORG OAG
Australia New South Wales Parkes Parkes S33* 07.9000' E148* 14.3000' 325.83M YPKS PKE
Australia New South Wales Polo Flat Polo Flat S36* 13.8000' E149* 09.0000' 823.26M YPFT -
Australia New South Wales Pooncarie Pooncarie S33* 22.0000' E142* 35.3333' 49.99M YPCE -
Australia New South Wales Port Macquarie Port Macquarie S31* 26.1500' E152* 51.8000' 3.66M YPMQ PQQ
Australia New South Wales Quirindi Quirindi S31* 29.4333' E150* 30.8333' 321.26M YQDI UIR
Australia New South Wales Richmond Richmond (Military) S33* 36.0333' E150* 46.8500' 20.42M YSRI -
Australia New South Wales Scone Scone S32* 02.3000' E150* 49.9000' 227.08M YSCO NSO
Australia New South Wales Sydney Bankstown S33* 55.4667' E150* 59.3000' 8.84M YSBK BWU
Australia New South Wales Sydney Kingsford Smith Intl S33* 56.7667' E151* 10.6333' 6.40M YSSY SYD
Australia New South Wales Tamworth Tamworth S31* 05.0333' E150* 50.8000' 406.60M YSTW TMW
Australia New South Wales Taree Taree S31* 53.2000' E152* 30.8000' 11.58M YTRE TRO
Australia New South Wales Temora Temora S34* 25.2785' E147* 30.7017' 280.72M YTEM TEM
Australia New South Wales Tibooburra Tibooburra S29* 27.1000' E142* 03.5000' 178.00M YTIB TYB
Australia New South Wales Tocumwal Tocumwal S35* 48.6000' E145* 36.2000' 113.39M YTOC TCW
Australia New South Wales Tottenham Tottenham S32* 14.9000' E147* 22.0667' 237.74M YTOT -
Australia New South Wales Tumut Tumut S35* 15.7740' E148* 14.4433' 267.61M YTMU -
Australia New South Wales Wagga Wagga Wagga Wagga S35* 09.9167' E147* 27.9833' 220.68M YSWG WGA
Australia New South Wales Walgett Walgett S30* 02.0000' E148* 07.5000' 133.81M YWLG WGE
Australia New South Wales Warren Warren S31* 44.0000' E147* 48.1500' 203.91M YWRN -
Australia New South Wales Wee Waa Wee Waa S30* 15.5000' E149* 24.5000' 189.59M YWWA -
Australia New South Wales West Wyalong West Wyalong S33* 56.2333' E147* 11.4833' 261.82M YWWL WWY
Australia New South Wales Wilcannia Wilcannia S31* 31.6000' E143* 22.5000' 76.20M YWCA -
Australia New South Wales Wollongong Wollongong S34* 33.6667' E150* 47.3167' 9.45M YWOL WOL
Australia New South Wales Wollongong Wollongong Hospital S34* 25.4517' E150* 52.9350' 46.63M YXWL -
Australia New South Wales Young Young S34* 15.0167' E148* 14.9333' 386.18M YYNG NGA
Australia Northern Territory Alice Springs Alice Springs S23* 48.4167' E133* 54.1333' 545.29M YBAS ASP
Australia Northern Territory Ayers Rock Ayers Rock (Connellan) S25* 11.1687' E130* 58.5338' 495.60M YAYE AYQ
Australia Northern Territory Bamyili Bamyili S14* 31.1833' E132* 53.0000' 215.19M YBMY -
Australia Northern Territory Bathurst I Bathurst I S11* 46.1455' E130* 37.1847' 20.42M YBTI BRT
Australia Northern Territory Borroloola Borroloola S16* 04.5167' E136* 18.1333' 16.76M YBRL BOX
Australia Northern Territory Cooinda Cooinda S12* 54.1667' E132* 31.9333' 13.11M YCOO -
Australia Northern Territory Croker I Croker I S11* 09.9167' E132* 29.0333' 15.54M YCKI -
Australia Northern Territory Darwin Darwin Intl S12* 24.8452' E130* 52.6140' 31.39M YPDN DRW
Australia Northern Territory Delamere Delamere S15* 44.8000' E131* 55.2000' 222.50M YDWF -
Australia Northern Territory Delissaville Delissaville S12* 33.0333' E130* 41.1333' 34.14M YDLV -
Australia Northern Territory Elcho I Elcho I S12* 01.1603' E135* 34.2390' 30.78M YELD ELC
Australia Northern Territory Garden Point Garden Point S11* 23.9000' E130* 25.5000' 27.43M YGPT -
Australia Northern Territory Gove Gove S12* 16.4333' E136* 49.4333' 58.52M YPGV GOV
Australia Northern Territory Groote Eylandt Groote Eylandt S13* 58.5000' E136* 27.6000' 16.15M YGTE -
Australia Northern Territory Hooker Creek Hooker Creek S18* 20.2000' E130* 38.6000' 320.04M YHOO -
Australia Northern Territory Jabiru Jabiru S12* 39.5000' E132* 53.5833' 25.91M YJAB -
Australia Northern Territory Jervios Jervois S22* 54.9000' E136* 07.1000' 331.01M YJVS -
Australia Northern Territory Kalkgurung Kalkgurung S17* 25.9167' E130* 48.4833' 196.90M YKKG -
Australia Northern Territory Katherine Tindal (Military) S14* 31.2667' E132* 22.6667' 135.03M YPTN KTR
Australia Northern Territory Lake Evella Lake Evella S12* 29.9333' E135* 48.3500' 78.03M YLEV -
Australia Northern Territory Maningrida Maningrida S12* 03.4000' E134* 14.0000' 37.49M YMGD MNG
Australia Northern Territory Mcarthur River Mine Mcarthur River Mine S16* 26.6000' E136* 04.7000' 39.93M YMHU -
Australia Northern Territory Milingimbi Milingimbi S12* 05.6667' E134* 53.6167' 16.15M YMGB MGT
Australia Northern Territory Minjilang Minjilang S11* 09.5000' E132* 32.8333' 24.99M YMIJ -
Australia Northern Territory Ngukurr Ngukurr S14* 43.3667' E134* 44.8500' 13.72M YNGU RPM
Australia Northern Territory Numbulwar Numbulwar S14* 16.3000' E135* 43.0000' 9.45M YNUM NUB
Australia Northern Territory Oenpelli Oenpelli S12* 19.5167' E133* 00.3333' 9.14M YOEN OPI
Australia Northern Territory Port Keats Port Keats S14* 15.0000' E129* 31.7500' 27.74M YPKT PKT
Australia Northern Territory Ramingining Ramingining S12* 21.3833' E134* 53.8500' 62.79M YRNG -
Australia Northern Territory Snake Bay Snake Bay S11* 25.0988' E130* 38.8982' 52.73M YSNB SNB
Australia Northern Territory South Goulburn I South Goulburn I S11* 39.0333' E133* 22.9167' 19.20M YGBI -
Australia Northern Territory Tennant Creek Tennant Creek S19* 38.1500' E134* 10.9167' 376.73M YTNK TCA
Australia Northern Territory Victoria River Downs Victoria River Downs S16* 24.1632' E131* 00.2408' 88.70M YVRD -
Australia Northern Territory Wave Hill Wave Hill S17* 23.7000' E131* 07.1000' 200.56M YWAV -
Australia Northern Territory Yuendumu Yuendumu S22* 15.2500' E131* 46.9333' 672.08M YYND YUE
Australia Queensland Alpha Alpha S23* 38.7667' E146* 35.0167' 382.52M YAPH ABH
Australia Queensland Amberley Amberley Military S27* 38.4333' E152* 42.7167' 27.74M YAMB -
Australia Queensland Aurukun Aurukun S13* 21.2305' E141* 43.2493' 8.84M YAUR AUU
Australia Queensland Ayr Ayr S19* 35.1000' E147* 19.8000' 12.50M YAYR AYR
Australia Queensland Badu Island Badu Island S10* 09.0000' E142* 10.5000' 13.72M YBAU -
Australia Queensland Ballera Ballera S27* 24.5000' E141* 48.5000' 117.35M YLLE -
Australia Queensland Bamaga Injinoo S10* 57.0500' E142* 27.5667' 10.36M YBAM ABM
Australia Queensland Barcaldine Barcaldine S23* 33.9083' E145* 18.4027' 267.61M YBAR BCI
Australia Queensland Bedourie Bedourie S24* 20.7667' E139* 27.6167' 91.44M YBIE BEU
Australia Queensland Birdsville Birdsville S25* 53.8500' E139* 20.8500' 47.85M YBDV -
Australia Queensland Blackall Blackall S24* 25.7000' E145* 25.7000' 282.85M YBCK BKQ
Australia Queensland Blackwater Blackwater S23* 36.1833' E148* 48.4167' 200.25M YBTR BLT
Australia Queensland Boigu Boigu S09* 14.0000' E142* 13.1000' 3.05M YBOI -
Australia Queensland Boulia Boulia S22* 54.8000' E139* 53.9833' 165.20M YBOU BQL
Australia Queensland Bowen Bowen S20* 01.1963' E148* 12.9147' 7.92M YBWN -
Australia Queensland Brisbane Archerfield S27* 34.2167' E153* 00.4833' 19.20M YBAF -
Australia Queensland Brisbane Brisbane Intl S27* 23.0500' E153* 07.0500' 3.96M YBBN BNE
Australia Queensland Bundaberg Bundaberg S24* 54.2333' E152* 19.1167' 32.61M YBUD BDB
Australia Queensland Burketown Burketown S17* 44.9167' E139* 32.0667' 6.40M YBKT BUC
Australia Queensland Cairns Cairns Intl S16* 53.1500' E145* 45.3167' 3.05M YBCS CNS
Australia Queensland Century Mine Century Mine S18* 45.2000' E138* 42.4000' 126.80M YCNY -
Australia Queensland Charleville Charleville S26* 24.8000' E146* 15.7500' 305.71M YBCV CTL
Australia Queensland Charters Towers Charters Towers S20* 02.5833' E146* 16.3833' 291.08M YCHT CXT
Australia Queensland Chillagoe Chillagoe S17* 08.5667' E144* 31.7333' 338.33M YCGO -
Australia Queensland Chinchilla Chinchilla S26* 46.5000' E150* 37.0000' 313.33M YCCA -
Australia Queensland Clermont Clermont S22* 46.3833' E147* 37.2333' 276.76M YCMT CMQ
Australia Queensland Cloncurry Cloncurry S20* 40.1000' E140* 30.3000' 187.76M YCCY CNJ
Australia Queensland Coconut Island Coconut Island S10* 03.0000' E143* 04.2000' 3.05M YCCT -
Australia Queensland Coen Coen S13* 45.6500' E143* 06.8167' 162.15M YCOE -
Australia Queensland Cooktown Cooktown S15* 26.6833' E145* 11.0667' 7.92M YCKN CTN
Australia Queensland Cunnamulla Cunnamulla S28* 01.8000' E145* 37.3333' 192.02M YCMU CMA
Australia Queensland Dalby Dalby S27* 09.3167' E151* 16.0333' 346.56M YDAY DBY
Australia Queensland Dirranbandi Dirranbandi S28* 35.5000' E148* 13.0000' 172.82M YDBI -
Australia Queensland Doomadgee Doomadgee S17* 56.4167' E138* 49.3000' 46.63M YDMG DMD
Australia Queensland Dunk Island Dunk Island S17* 56.5000' E146* 08.4000' 6.10M YDKI -
Australia Queensland Dysart Dysart S22* 37.3325' E148* 21.8295' 207.87M YDYS DYA
Australia Queensland Emerald Emerald S23* 34.0500' E148* 10.7500' 190.20M YEML EMD
Australia Queensland Enoggera Enoggera S27* 25.5167' E152* 59.0000' 44.20M YENO -
Australia Queensland Gayndah Gayndah S25* 36.9000' E151* 37.2000' 112.47M YGAY GAH
Australia Queensland Georgetown Georgetown S18* 18.3000' E143* 31.8000' 303.28M YGTN -
Australia Queensland Gladstone Gladstone S23* 52.1833' E151* 13.3667' 19.51M YGLA GLT
Australia Queensland Gold Coast Gold Coast S28* 09.8667' E153* 30.2833' 6.40M YBCG OOL
Australia Queensland Goondiwindi Goondiwindi S28* 31.3000' E150* 19.2000' 217.63M YGDI GOO
Australia Queensland Gympie Gympie S26* 16.9667' E152* 42.1167' 79.25M YGYM GYP
Australia Queensland Hamilton I Hamilton I. S20* 21.4833' E148* 57.1000' 4.57M YBHM HTI
Australia Queensland Hervey Bay Hervey Bay S25* 19.1000' E152* 52.8000' 18.29M YHBA HVB
Australia Queensland Horn I Horn I S10* 35.1833' E142* 17.4000' 13.11M YHID HID
Australia Queensland Hughenden Hughenden S20* 48.8955' E144* 13.5118' 317.91M YHUG HGD
Australia Queensland Ingham Ingham S18* 39.6333' E146* 09.1000' 14.94M YIGM IGH
Australia Queensland Innisfail Innisfail S17* 33.5150' E146* 00.6972' 14.02M YIFL IFL
Australia Queensland Isisford Isisford S24* 15.5000' E144* 25.5000' 211.53M YISF ISI
Australia Queensland Jackson Jackson S27* 38.3500' E142* 24.5000' 106.07M YJAK -
Australia Queensland Julia Creek Julia Creek S20* 40.1000' E141* 43.3000' 123.14M YJLC JCK
Australia Queensland Karumba Karumba S17* 27.3500' E140* 49.8167' 5.49M YKMB -
Australia Queensland Kidston Kidston S18* 52.2000' E144* 10.4000' 493.78M YKID -
Australia Queensland Kingaroy Kingaroy S26* 34.8500' E151* 50.4667' 454.76M YKRY KGY
Australia Queensland Kowanyama Kowanyama S15* 29.1000' E141* 45.1000' 10.67M YKOW -
Australia Queensland Kubin Kubin S10* 13.5000' E142* 13.1000' 4.57M YKUB -
Australia Queensland Lavarack Lavarack S19* 19.2500' E146* 48.1167' 9.45M YLVK -
Australia Queensland Lizard Island Lizard Island S14* 40.6000' E145* 27.2000' 21.34M YLZI LZR
Australia Queensland Lockhart River Lockhart River S12* 47.2167' E143* 18.2833' 23.47M YLHR IRG
Australia Queensland Longreach Longreach S23* 26.0500' E144* 16.8167' 191.11M YLRE -
Australia Queensland Mackay Mackay S21* 10.3000' E149* 10.7833' 5.79M YBMK MKY
Australia Queensland Mareeba Mareeba S17* 04.1500' E145* 25.1500' 475.49M YMBA MRG
Australia Queensland Maroochydore Maroochydore/Sunshine Coast S26* 36.2000' E153* 05.4667' 4.57M YBMC MCY
Australia Queensland Maryborough Maryborough S25* 30.8000' E152* 42.9000' 11.58M YMYB MBH
Australia Queensland Middlemount Middlemount S22* 48.2000' E148* 42.3000' 166.73M YMMU MMM
Australia Queensland Mitchell Mitchell S26* 29.0000' E147* 56.2000' 348.69M YMIT MTQ
Australia Queensland Monto Monto S24* 53.2000' E151* 06.0000' 230.73M YMTO MNQ
Australia Queensland Moranbah Moranbah S22* 03.5000' E148* 04.7000' 234.70M YMRB MOV
Australia Queensland Mornington I Mornington I. S16* 39.7500' E139* 10.6833' 10.06M YMTI ONG
Australia Queensland Mt Isa Mt Isa S20* 39.8333' E139* 29.3167' 341.68M YBMA ISA
Australia Queensland Murray Island Murray Island S09* 55.0000' E144* 03.3000' 100.58M YMUI -
Australia Queensland Normanton Normanton S17* 40.0000' E141* 04.2000' 22.25M YNTN NTN
Australia Queensland Oakey Oakey (Military) S27* 24.6890' E151* 44.1183' 406.91M YBOK OKY
Australia Queensland Palm Island Palm Island S18* 45.3000' E146* 34.9000' 9.14M YPAM -
Australia Queensland Pormpuraaw Pormpuraaw S14* 53.8000' E141* 36.5667' 3.05M YPMP -
Australia Queensland Proserpine Whitsunday Coast S20* 29.7000' E148* 33.1333' 24.99M YBPN PPP
Australia Queensland Quilpie Quilpie S26* 36.7333' E144* 15.1667' 199.64M YQLP ULP
Australia Queensland Redcliffe Redcliffe S27* 12.4000' E153* 04.0667' 2.13M YRED -
Australia Queensland Richmond Richmond S20* 42.1167' E143* 06.8833' 206.04M YRMD RCM
Australia Queensland Rockhampton Rockhampton S23* 22.9167' E150* 28.5167' 10.36M YBRK ROK
Australia Queensland Roma Roma S26* 32.7000' E148* 46.4833' 314.55M YROM -
Australia Queensland Saibai Island Saibai Island S09* 22.7000' E142* 37.5000' 4.57M YSII -
Australia Queensland Scherger Scherger S12* 37.4333' E142* 05.2333' 44.20M YBSG -
Australia Queensland St George St George S28* 02.9833' E148* 35.7167' 199.95M YSGE -
Australia Queensland Stanthorpe Stanthorpe S28* 37.2162' E151* 59.4340' 894.28M YSPE SNH
Australia Queensland Taroom Taroom S25* 48.1167' E149* 53.9667' 239.57M YTAM -
Australia Queensland Thangool Thangool S24* 29.6333' E150* 34.5667' 196.29M YTNG THG
Australia Queensland Thargomindah Thargomindah S27* 59.1833' E143* 48.6500' 131.98M YTGM XTG
Australia Queensland The Monument The Monument S21* 48.6650' E139* 55.4167' 289.26M YTMO -
Australia Queensland Toowoomba Toowoomba S27* 32.5000' E151* 54.7000' 635.81M YTWB TWB
Australia Queensland Townsville Townsville Intl S19* 15.1500' E146* 45.9167' 5.49M YBTL TSV
Australia Queensland Trepell Trepell S21* 50.1000' E140* 53.3000' 271.58M YTEE -
Australia Queensland Warraber Island Warraber Island S10* 12.5000' E142* 49.5000' 3.05M YWBS -
Australia Queensland Warwick Warwick S28* 08.9667' E151* 56.5833' 457.20M YWCK -
Australia Queensland Weipa Weipa S12* 40.7167' E141* 55.5167' 19.20M YBWP WEI
Australia Queensland Williamson Williamson S22* 28.0000' E150* 10.0000' 35.05M YWIS -
Australia Queensland Windorah Windorah S25* 24.8000' E142* 40.0000' 137.77M YWDH WNR
Australia Queensland Winton Winton S22* 21.4167' E143* 04.9500' 194.46M YWTN WIN
Australia Queensland Yam Island Yam Island S09* 54.0000' E142* 46.5000' 4.57M YYMI -
Australia Queensland Yorke Island Yorke Island S09* 45.2000' E143* 24.3000' 3.05M YYKI -
Australia South Australia Adelaide Adelaide Intl S34* 56.7000' E138* 31.8333' 6.10M YPAD ADL
Australia South Australia Adelaide Edinburgh (Military) S34* 42.1500' E138* 37.2500' 20.42M YPED -
Australia South Australia Adelaide Parafield S34* 47.6000' E138* 37.9833' 17.37M YPPF -
Australia South Australia Andamooka Andamooka S30* 26.2627' E137* 08.2313' 76.20M YAMK -
Australia South Australia Ceduna Ceduna S32* 07.8333' E133* 42.5833' 23.47M YCDU -
Australia South Australia Cleve Cleve S33* 42.5897' E136* 30.2848' 179.53M YCEE CVC
Australia South Australia Coober Pedy Coober Pedy S29* 02.4000' E134* 43.2500' 225.55M YCBP CPD
Australia South Australia Cowell Cowell S33* 40.0333' E136* 53.5000' 38.71M YCWL -
Australia South Australia Cummins Cummins S34* 12.9100' E135* 38.0700' 60.05M YCUS -
Australia South Australia Goolwa Goolwa S35* 28.9167' E138* 45.0833' 31.70M YGWA -
Australia South Australia Kimba Kimba S33* 05.9833' E136* 27.5833' 231.65M YIMB -
Australia South Australia Kingscote Kingscote S35* 42.8333' E137* 31.2833' 7.32M YKSC -
Australia South Australia Leigh Creek Leigh Creek S30* 35.9000' E138* 25.5500' 260.91M YLEC LGH
Australia South Australia Loxton Loxton S34* 28.5500' E140* 39.8333' 38.10M YLOX -
Australia South Australia Millicent Millicent S37* 35.0167' E140* 21.9667' 17.07M YMCT -
Australia South Australia Minnipa Minnipa S32* 50.5750' E135* 08.6680' 155.14M YMPA -
Australia South Australia Moomba Moomba S28* 06.0000' E140* 11.9000' 43.59M YOOM MOO
Australia South Australia Mount Gambier Mount Gambier S37* 44.7333' E140* 47.1167' 64.62M YMTG MGB
Australia South Australia Naracoorte Naracoorte S36* 59.1000' E140* 43.5000' 51.51M YNRC -
Australia South Australia Olympic Dam Olympic Dam S30* 29.1000' E136* 52.6000' 104.55M YOLD -
Australia South Australia Oodnadatta Oodnadatta S27* 33.6000' E135* 26.7000' 117.65M YOOD -
Australia South Australia Port Augusta Port Augusta S32* 30.4167' E137* 43.0000' 17.07M YPAG PUG
Australia South Australia Port Lincoln Port Lincoln S34* 36.3167' E135* 52.8167' 10.97M YPLC -
Australia South Australia Port Pirie Port Pirie S33* 14.3333' E137* 59.7000' 12.19M YPIR -
Australia South Australia Renmark Renmark S34* 11.7833' E140* 40.4333' 35.05M YREN RMK
Australia South Australia Streaky Bay Streaky Bay S32* 50.1500' E134* 17.5666' 21.03M YKBY -
Australia South Australia Tumby Bay Tumby Bay S34* 21.8000' E136* 05.6000' 9.45M YTBB -
Australia South Australia Waikerie Waikerie S34* 11.0500' E140* 01.8333' 42.06M YWKI -
Australia South Australia Whyalla Whyalla S33* 03.5333' E137* 30.8667' 12.50M YWHA WYA
Australia South Australia Woomera Woomera S31* 08.6500' E136* 49.0167' 167.03M YPWR UMR
Australia South Australia Wudinna Wudinna S33* 02.5942' E135* 26.8325' 94.49M YWUD WUD
Australia Tasmania Devonport Devonport S41* 10.1838' E146* 25.8157' 10.06M YDPO DPO
Australia Tasmania Flinders I Flinders I S40* 05.4773' E147* 59.5603' 10.36M YFLI -
Australia Tasmania Hobart Cambridge S42* 49.6000' E147* 28.4833' 20.42M YCBG -
Australia Tasmania Hobart Hobart S42* 50.1667' E147* 30.6167' 3.96M YMHB HBA
Australia Tasmania King I King I S39* 52.6500' E143* 52.7000' 40.23M YKII -
Australia Tasmania Launceston Launceston S41* 32.7167' E147* 12.8500' 171.30M YMLT LST
Australia Tasmania Queenstown Queenstown S42* 04.5333' E145* 31.8500' 264.26M YQNS -
Australia Tasmania Smithton Smithton S40* 50.0000' E145* 05.6000' 9.45M YSMI SIO
Australia Tasmania St Helens St Helens S41* 20.2000' E148* 16.9167' 48.16M YSTH -
Australia Tasmania Strahan Strahan S42* 09.3000' E145* 17.5000' 20.12M YSRN -
Australia Tasmania Wynyard Wynyard S40* 59.9333' E145* 43.8667' 18.90M YWYY WYY
Australia Victoria Ararat Ararat S37* 18.5667' E142* 59.3167' 307.24M YARA ARY
Australia Victoria Avalon Avalon S38* 02.3667' E144* 28.1667' 10.67M YMAV AVV
Australia Victoria Bairnsdale Bairnsdale S37* 53.2500' E147* 34.0667' 50.29M YBNS BSJ
Australia Victoria Ballarat Ballarat S37* 30.7000' E143* 47.4667' 436.78M YBLT -
Australia Victoria Benalla Benalla S36* 33.1167' E146* 00.4000' 173.43M YBLA -
Australia Victoria Bendigo Bendigo S36* 44.3667' E144* 19.7833' 214.88M YBDG -
Australia Victoria Birchip Birchip S35* 59.9833' E142* 55.0500' 103.63M YBIR -
Australia Victoria Corryong Corryong S36* 11.0000' E147* 53.5000' 293.52M YCRG CYG
Australia Victoria Donald Donald S36* 21.6167' E143* 00.4500' 124.66M YDOD -
Australia Victoria East Sale East Sale (Military) S38* 05.9333' E147* 08.9667' 7.01M YMES -
Australia Victoria Echuca Echuca S36* 09.4333' E144* 45.7167' 98.45M YECH ECH
Australia Victoria Hamilton Hamilton Aero S37* 38.9333' E142* 03.9167' 244.75M YHML HCT
Australia Victoria Hopetoun Hopetoun S35* 42.9167' E142* 21.5833' 78.03M YHPN -
Australia Victoria Horsham Horsham S36* 40.1833' E142* 10.3667' 135.64M YHSM HSM
Australia Victoria Kerang Kerang S35* 45.0833' E143* 56.3667' 77.42M YKER -
Australia Victoria Lake Cargelligo Lake Cargelligo S33* 16.7000' E146* 22.1500' 169.16M YLCG -
Australia Victoria Latrobe Valley Latrobe Valley S38* 12.4333' E146* 28.2167' 54.86M YLTV -
Australia Victoria Laverton Laverton (Military) S37* 51.8167' E144* 44.7500' 17.98M YLVT -
Australia Victoria Leongatha Leongatha S38* 29.5833' E145* 51.5833' 80.16M YLEG -
Australia Victoria Lilydale Lilydale S37* 41.4000' E145* 22.1000' 72.54M YLIL -
Australia Victoria Mallacoota Mallacoota S37* 35.9333' E149* 43.2500' 31.09M YMCO -
Australia Victoria Mangalore Mangalore S36* 53.3000' E145* 11.1000' 142.34M YMNG -
Australia Victoria Maryborough Maryborough S37* 01.9833' E143* 42.5333' 233.48M YMBU -
Australia Victoria Melbourne Essendon S37* 43.7833' E144* 54.0333' 85.95M YMEN MEB
Australia Victoria Melbourne Melbourne Intl S37* 40.4000' E144* 50.6000' 132.28M YMML MEL
Australia Victoria Melbourne Moorabbin S37* 58.5500' E145* 06.1333' 15.24M YMMB MBW
Australia Victoria Mildura Mildura S34* 13.7500' E142* 05.1333' 50.90M YMIA MQL
Australia Victoria Mt Hotham Mt Hotham S37* 02.8985' E147* 20.0498' 1298.45M YHOT -
Australia Victoria Nhill Nhill S36* 18.5833' E141* 38.4500' 138.38M YNHL -
Australia Victoria Orbost Orbost S37* 47.4167' E148* 36.5833' 28.04M YORB -
Australia Victoria Phillip I (Newhaven) Phillip I S38* 31.3833' E145* 19.6333' 13.11M YPID -
Australia Victoria Point Cook Point Cook S37* 55.9000' E144* 45.2000' 4.27M YMPC -
Australia Victoria Portland Portland S38* 19.0855' E141* 28.2627' 80.77M YPOD PTJ
Australia Victoria Puckapunyal Puckapunyal (Military) S36* 59.9667' E145* 03.7667' 167.64M YPKL -
Australia Victoria Robinvale Robinvale S34* 39.0333' E142* 46.9667' 86.56M YROI -
Australia Victoria Saint Arnaud Saint Arnaud S36* 38.2000' E143* 11.1500' 194.77M YSTA -
Australia Victoria Sea Lake Sea Lake S35* 31.5833' E142* 53.3333' 56.08M YSLK -
Australia Victoria Shepparton Shepparton S36* 25.7333' E145* 23.5500' 114.00M YSHT SHT
Australia Victoria Stawell Stawell S37* 04.3000' E142* 44.4333' 245.97M YSWL SWC
Australia Victoria Swan Hill Swan Hill S35* 22.5500' E143* 31.9667' 71.32M YSWH SWH
Australia Victoria Wangaratta Wangaratta S36* 24.9500' E146* 18.4167' 153.62M YWGT WGT
Australia Victoria Warracknabeal Warracknabeal S36* 19.2667' E142* 25.1667' 121.01M YWKB WKB
Australia Victoria Warrnambool Warrnambool S38* 17.5167' E142* 27.2000' 73.76M YWBL WME
Australia Victoria West Sale West Sale S38* 05.5000' E146* 57.9167' 28.35M YWSL -
Australia Victoria Wycheproof Wycheproof S36* 03.5333' E143* 14.6000' 106.68M YWYF -
Australia Victoria Yarram Yarram S38* 34.0432' E146* 45.2698' 18.29M YYRM -
Australia Victoria Yarrawonga Yarrawonga S36* 01.7000' E146* 01.7000' 129.24M YYWG -
Australia Western Australia Albany Albany S34* 56.6000' E117* 48.5333' 71.02M YABA -
Australia Western Australia Argyle Argyle S16* 38.2167' E128* 27.0833' 159.11M YARG GYL
Australia Western Australia Balgo Hill Balgo Hill S20* 08.9000' E127* 58.4333' 438.91M YBGO -
Australia Western Australia Barimunya Barimunya S22* 40.4333' E119* 09.9667' 634.59M YBRY -
Australia Western Australia Barrow I Barrow I S20* 51.8667' E115* 24.3667' 7.92M YBWX BWB
Australia Western Australia Bronzewing Bronzewing S27* 21.9000' E121* 02.1000' 501.40M YBWG -
Australia Western Australia Broome Broome Intl S17* 56.6833' E122* 13.9000' 17.07M YBRM BME
Australia Western Australia Bunbury Bunbury S33* 22.6862' E115* 40.6232' 16.15M YBUN -
Australia Western Australia Busselton Busselton S33* 41.2000' E115* 24.0000' 16.76M YBLN -
Australia Western Australia Carnarvon Carnarvon S24* 52.8333' E113* 40.3333' 3.96M YCAR CVQ
Australia Western Australia Christmas I Christmas I S10* 27.0333' E105* 41.4167' 279.20M YPXM XCH
Australia Western Australia Cocos (Keeling) I Cocos (Keeling) I Intl S12* 11.3167' E96* 49.8333' 3.05M YPCC CCK
Australia Western Australia Cue Cue S27* 26.8000' E117* 55.1167' 441.96M YCUE -
Australia Western Australia Cunderdin Cunderdin S31* 37.3333' E117* 13.0000' 214.88M YCUN -
Australia Western Australia Curtin Curtin S17* 34.8833' E123* 49.7000' 91.44M YCIN -
Australia Western Australia Derby Derby S17* 22.2000' E123* 39.6333' 7.32M YDBY -
Australia Western Australia Esperance Esperance S33* 41.0667' E121* 49.3667' 143.26M YESP EPR
Australia Western Australia Fitzroy Crossing Fitzroy Crossing S18* 10.9202' E125* 33.5203' 112.17M YFTZ FIZ
Australia Western Australia Forrest Forrest S30* 50.2837' E128* 06.9053' 155.75M YFRT FOS
Australia Western Australia Garden I Garden I S32* 14.5000' E115* 41.0000' 9.14M YGAD -
Australia Western Australia Geraldton Geraldton S28* 47.7667' E114* 42.4500' 36.88M YGEL GET
Australia Western Australia Gibb River Gibb River S16* 25.4167' E126* 26.6667' 508.71M YGIB -
Australia Western Australia Gingin Gingin S31* 27.9167' E115* 51.8000' 75.29M YGIG -
Australia Western Australia Halls Creek Halls Creek S18* 14.0333' E127* 40.1833' 410.26M YHLC HCQ
Australia Western Australia Jundee Jundee S26* 25.3000' E120* 34.6000' 562.36M YJUN -
Australia Western Australia Kalgoorlie-Boulder Kalgoorlie-Boulder S30* 47.3667' E121* 27.7000' 366.67M YPKG KGI
Australia Western Australia Karratha Karratha S20* 42.7333' E116* 46.4000' 9.14M YPKA KTA
Australia Western Australia Katanning Katanning S33* 42.0000' E117* 39.2000' 284.07M YKNG -
Australia Western Australia Kununurra Kununurra S15* 46.6833' E128* 42.4500' 44.20M YPKU KNX
Australia Western Australia Laverton Laverton S28* 36.8000' E122* 25.4000' 466.34M YLTN LVO
Australia Western Australia Learmonth Learmonth S22* 14.1333' E114* 05.3167' 5.79M YPLM LEA
Australia Western Australia Leinster Leinster S27* 50.6000' E120* 42.2000' 497.13M YLST LER
Australia Western Australia Leonora Leonora S28* 52.6833' E121* 18.8833' 370.94M YLEO LNO
Australia Western Australia Manjimup Manjimup S34* 15.9090' E116* 08.4244' 286.51M YMJM -
Australia Western Australia Margaret River Margaret River S33* 55.8262' E115* 05.9545' 114.00M YMGT -
Australia Western Australia Meekatharra Meekatharra S26* 36.7000' E118* 32.8667' 522.12M YMEK MKR
Australia Western Australia Morawa Morawa S29* 12.0833' E116* 01.3000' 270.05M YMRW -
Australia Western Australia Mount Keith Mount Keith S27* 17.1833' E120* 33.2833' 546.20M YMNE -
Australia Western Australia Mount Magnet Mount Magnet S28* 06.9667' E117* 50.5000' 412.70M YMOG MMG
Australia Western Australia Mungalalu-Truscott Mungalalu-Truscott S14* 05.3833' E126* 22.8500' 53.34M YTST -
Australia Western Australia Murray Field Murray Field S32* 30.3000' E115* 50.1000' 17.07M YMUL -
Australia Western Australia Murrin Murrin Murrin Murrin S28* 42.3000' E121* 53.4000' 467.87M YMMI -
Australia Western Australia Newman Newman S23* 25.0667' E119* 48.1667' 525.48M YNWN ZNE
Australia Western Australia Nifty Nifty S21* 40.4205' E121* 35.6900' 295.05M YCNF -
Australia Western Australia Norseman Norseman S32* 12.6844' E121* 45.8666' 263.04M YNSM -
Australia Western Australia Onslow Onslow S21* 40.1040' E115* 06.7800' 7.01M YOLW -
Australia Western Australia Paraburdoo Paraburdoo S23* 10.2667' E117* 44.7167' 428.55M YPBO PBO
Australia Western Australia Pearce Pearce S31* 40.0667' E116* 00.9000' 45.42M YPEA -
Australia Western Australia Perth Jandakot S32* 05.8500' E115* 52.8667' 30.18M YPJT JAD
Australia Western Australia Perth Perth Intl S31* 56.4167' E115* 58.0167' 20.42M YPPH PER
Australia Western Australia Port Hedland Port Hedland Intl S20* 22.6667' E118* 37.5833' 10.06M YPPD PHE
Australia Western Australia Rottnest I Rottnest I S32* 00.4000' E115* 32.3833' 3.66M YRTI RTS
Australia Western Australia Shark Bay Shark Bay S25* 53.6333' E113* 34.6333' 33.83M YSHK -
Australia Western Australia Southern Cross Southern Cross S31* 14.5000' E119* 21.5000' 354.48M YSCR -
Australia Western Australia Telfer Telfer S21* 42.9000' E122* 13.7167' 295.66M YTEF TEF
Australia Western Australia Troughton I Troughton I S13* 45.1000' E126* 08.9000' 8.23M YTTI -
Australia Western Australia Warburton Warburton S26* 07.7000' E126* 35.0000' 460.25M YWBR -
Australia Western Australia Wiluna Wiluna S26* 37.7500' E120* 13.2333' 502.62M YWLU WUN
Australia Western Australia Wyndham Wyndham S15* 30.6862' E128* 09.1888' 4.27M YWYM WYN

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