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Country County City Airport Latitude Longitude Altitude ICAO IATA
Dominican Republic - Angelina Angelina N19* 07.8570' W70* 13.4380' 60.05M MDAN -
Dominican Republic - Arroyo Barril Arroyo Barril Intl N19* 12.0000' W69* 26.0000' 17.37M MDAB -
Dominican Republic - Barahona Maria Montez Intl N18* 15.1000' W71* 07.3167' 3.05M MDBH BRX
Dominican Republic - Cabo Rojo Cabo Rojo N17* 55.7333' W71* 38.6667' 79.86M MDCR CBJ
Dominican Republic - Constanza Constanza N18* 54.4500' W70* 43.3167' 1204.87M MDCZ -
Dominican Republic - Dajabon Dajabon N19* 33.8167' W71* 40.8500' 20.12M MDDJ -
Dominican Republic - El Portillo El Portillo N19* 19.0000' W69* 30.0000' 9.14M MDPO -
Dominican Republic - Higuey Punta Cana Intl N18* 34.0420' W68* 21.8058' 14.33M MDPC PUJ
Dominican Republic - La Romana Batey Cacata N18* 28.7540' W68* 54.8580' 95.10M MDBC -
Dominican Republic - La Romana Casa De Campo Intl N18* 27.0500' W68* 54.7167' 73.15M MDLR LRM
Dominican Republic - La Romana Magdalena Cuya N18* 30.1160' W68* 47.9460' 99.06M MDMA -
Dominican Republic - Monte Cristi Monte Cristi N19* 51.9167' W71* 38.7167' 35.05M MDMC -
Dominican Republic - Puerto Plata Gregorio Luperon Intl N19* 45.4740' W70* 34.2020' 4.57M MDPP POP
Dominican Republic - San Isidro San Isidro AB N18* 30.2000' W69* 45.7000' 33.83M MDSI -
Dominican Republic - San Pedro De Macoris Los Llanos De Sabanatosa N18* 35.7830' W69* 31.5250' 79.86M MDLL -
Dominican Republic - Santiago Cibao Intl N19* 24.3655' W70* 36.2813' 172.21M MDST STI
Dominican Republic - Santo Domingo Herrera Intl N18* 28.1833' W69* 58.1667' 57.91M MDHE -
Dominican Republic - Santo Domingo Jose F. Pena Gomez Intl N18* 25.7798' W69* 40.1355' 17.68M MDSD SDQ

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