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Country County City Airport Latitude Longitude Altitude ICAO IATA
New Caledonia - Art I. Wala S19* 43.2333' E163* 39.6667' 93.27M NWWC -
New Caledonia - Canala Canala S21* 31.2145' E165* 58.3312' 2.13M NWWX -
New Caledonia - Des Pins Is. Moue S22* 35.3333' E167* 27.3500' 96.01M NWWE -
New Caledonia - Houailou Nesson S21* 15.3833' E165* 37.0500' 3.05M NWWH -
New Caledonia - Kone Kone S21* 03.2000' E164* 50.2667' 199.95M NWWD -
New Caledonia - Koumac Koumac S20* 32.7833' E164* 15.3333' 12.80M NWWK -
New Caledonia - Lifou Ouanaham S20* 46.5000' E167* 14.3833' 28.04M NWWL -
New Caledonia - Mare La Roche Aero S21* 28.9000' E168* 02.2667' 42.98M NWWR -
New Caledonia - Noumea Magenta S22* 15.5000' E166* 28.3667' 3.05M NWWM GEA
New Caledonia - Noumea Tontouta S22* 00.9833' E166* 12.9667' 15.85M NWWW NOU
New Caledonia - Ouvea Ouloup S20* 38.4333' E166* 34.3667' 7.01M NWWV -
New Caledonia - Touho Touho S20* 47.4000' E165* 15.5667' 3.05M NWWU -

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