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Country County City Airport Latitude Longitude Altitude ICAO IATA
Senegal - Bakel Bakel N14* 52.0000' W12* 29.0000' 29.87M GOTB BXE
Senegal - Cap Skiring Cap Skiring N12* 23.3367' W16* 44.4950' 15.85M GOGS CSK
Senegal - Dakar Leopold Sedar Senghor N14* 44.6300' W17* 28.7583' 25.91M GOOY DKR
Senegal - Dodji Dodji N15* 32.6317' W14* 57.5005' 20.12M GO0A -
Senegal - Dodji Dodji N15* 32.6317' W14* 57.5005' 20.12M GO66 -
Senegal - Kaolack Kaolack N14* 09.0000' W16* 03.0000' 7.92M GOOK KLC
Senegal - Kedougou Kedougou N12* 34.0000' W12* 13.0000' 178.00M GOTK KGG
Senegal - Kolda Kolda N12* 54.0000' W14* 58.0000' 36.88M GOGK -
Senegal - Matam Ouro Sogui N15* 36.0000' W13* 19.0000' 25.91M GOSM -
Senegal - Podor Podor N16* 41.0000' W14* 58.0000' 6.10M GOSP -
Senegal - Richard Toll Richard Toll N16* 26.0000' W15* 39.0000' 6.10M GOSR -
Senegal - Simenti Simenti N13* 03.0000' W13* 18.0000' 52.12M GOTS -
Senegal - St Louis St Louis N16* 02.9883' W16* 27.6633' 3.05M GOSS XLS
Senegal - Tambacounda Tambacounda N13* 43.9667' W13* 39.4833' 49.07M GOTT TUD
Senegal - Ziguinchor Ziguinchor N12* 33.3667' W16* 16.5000' 22.86M GOGG ZIG

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