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Country County City Airport Latitude Longitude Altitude ICAO IATA
Tunisia - Borj El Amri Borj El Amri N36* 43.2667' E09* 56.6167' 33.53M DTTI -
Tunisia - Djerba Zarzis N33* 52.5333' E10* 46.6333' 5.79M DTTJ DJE
Tunisia - El Borma El Borma N31* 43.0000' E09* 16.0000' 252.07M DTTR EBM
Tunisia - Gabes Gabes N33* 52.6151' E10* 06.2000' 7.92M DTTG -
Tunisia - Gafsa Ksar N34* 24.9333' E08* 48.8167' 323.09M DTTF GAF
Tunisia - Madaniyin Madaniyin N33* 21.0147' E10* 26.6385' 130.15M DT70 -
Tunisia - Madaniyin Madaniyin N33* 21.0151' E10* 26.6383' 130.15M DT0A -
Tunisia - Monastir Habib Bourguiba N35* 45.4833' E10* 45.2833' 2.74M DTMB MIR
Tunisia - Remada Remada N32* 18.3693' E10* 22.9265' 306.02M DTTD -
Tunisia - Saminjah Saminjah N36* 25.9166' E10* 00.9333' 149.96M Z28S -
Tunisia - Sfax Thyna N34* 43.2333' E10* 41.3167' 25.91M DTTX SFA
Tunisia - Sidi Ahmed Air Base Sidi Ahmed Air Base N37* 14.7268' E09* 47.4872' 6.10M DTTB -
Tunisia - Tabarka 07. Nov N36* 58.8000' E08* 52.6167' 70.10M DTKA TBJ
Tunisia - Tozeur Nefta N33* 56.3833' E08* 06.6333' 87.48M DTTZ TOE
Tunisia - Tunis Carthage N36* 51.0667' E10* 13.6167' 6.71M DTTA TUN

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