Presidential Flight

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Brent Newman, Lewis Magruder 

& John Young

Released: August 2016



HMX-1 is the United States Marine Corps squadron tasked with providing helicopter mobility and support to the President of the United States anywhere in the world that he travels.  HMX-1 is the largest and oldest helicopter squadron in the United States Marine Corps.  The world famous white top helicopters fly the

President and act as decoys while the green tops fly support staff, the Secret Service and the Press Corps.

Included in this package:

       HMX-1 MV-22B, VH-60N & VH-3D

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       Marine Corps Air Facility Quantico

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       Naval Support Facility Anacostia

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       Camp David

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       The Pentagon: The Pentagon scenery is built around the default FS9 Pentagon building.  If the standard FS9 scenery is disabled, the main building will not show.

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       The White House:  The White House uses an invisible AFCAD file on the South Lawn of the default White House scenery

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       Andrews AFB HMX-1 Landing Area:  An overlay AFCAD file to provide landing and parking for HMX-1 helicopters transporting the president to and from Andrews Air Force Base.  I strongly suggest downloading the Andrews AFB package available in the MAIW Download Hangar:

Due to security concerns and the sensitive nature of the material covered in this package, many things have been changed from how they are in the real world or simply left out.  We've attempted to make the changes as subtle as possible in order to not detract from the experience, but in some places it simply wasn't possible to satisfy our concerns while producing high level scenery.  For that reason, no attempt was made to recreate the executive cabins, fence lines or perimeters at Camp David.  People familiar with HMX-1 may notice other small changes we have made in the interest of security.



Paints for the VH-65N and VH-3D are provided by Lewis Magruder.  All paints are based on the paintkits developed by John Young.

Everything needed for the aircraft featured in this package is self contained.  Simply copy both folders,

“ACG MAIW VH-60N HMX-1”, “JYAI_V-22_Osprey HMX-1” & “MAIW Sea King Marine 1 V2” into <YOUR FS9 INSTALL>\aircraft

Inisde the JYAI_V-22_Osprey MHX-1folder is a readme file by John Young explaining the multitude of features and model options he has created for the AI V-22 model.  Please read it carefully to best use this versatile model.  You will also find two .air files, JYAI_V-22.air and JYAI_V-22_long_roll.air.  This package uses the JYAI_V-22.air file by default as it is better suited to landing in confined spaces.  We do not recommend the use of the JYAI_V-22_long_roll.air file as it is intended for scenery with longer runways.


To install the scenery included with this package:

1)  Copy the folders "KNYG" and “NDV: into: <Your FS Install>\Addon Scenery\

The scenery is split into two folders, KNYG (Quantico) and NDV (Anacostia and remote fields) in order to facilitate people who may want to use third party scenery for one or the other location.  They can be combined into the same folder if the user wishes.

2)  Activate inside the sim

This scenery makes extensive use of the MAIW Global Scenery Library Objects available in the Download Hangar at  I strongly suggest it be installed to make sure the latest version of the needed libraries are installed.

The following additional object libraries are needed to bring this scenery to life:

AG Tree Lib                           

- on Avsim

Atusgi Object Library             

-  MAIW Atusgi Package

MAIW Lecce-Galatina Object Library

-   MAIW Italian Air Force Aermacchi MB-339s

Beaufort Object Library          

-  MAIW MCAS Beaufort Package

Lights SS V2                           


MCD Military                            

- on Avsim

Parking Lots Large SS           

- on Avsim


1) Copy the files Traffic_HMX-1.bgl into <Your FS Install directory>\scenery\world\scenery


Several VCPmod files have been included for use with squadron callsigns, aircraft types and location names.  These can be imported using the program EditVoicepack.exe

This program is available on Avsim as

**NOTE**  The famous Marine 1 callsign is only used when the President of the United States is onboard a HMX-1 helicopter.  Due to limitations on how FS9 creates callsigns the Marine 1 callsign could not be used without it unrealistically being shared by several aircraft.  Therefore, the regular HMX-1 callsign “Nighthawk” is being used.

**Legal disclaimer**

 I of course have no association with the United States Marine Corps, or as far as I know secret spies within the

United States Marine Corps.  This package is based entirely on publicly available photographs and lots of Google Earth magic.  Also, if your computer bursts into flames, melts, has a hard drive crash, decides to play Global Thermonuclear War, or acts odd in any other way after installing this scenery...we didn't do it.  Seriously, don't blame us.  This package must never be uploaded to any website that charges for access or downloads nor may it be distributed in any manner for compensation.

This Project was initially created for internal distribution among forum members on MAIW forums along with many other works.  Come see what is going on at MAIW

7.  Feedback and Support

Any questions, suggestions and feedback may be directed to the forums at