MCAS Futenma

Okinawa Japan

Brent Newman & John Young

Released: August 2016

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Marine Corps Air Station Futenma, located in Ginowan City on the Japanese Island of Okinawa, is home to three thousand Marines and two squadrons of MV-22 tilt rotor aircraft.  This package includes almost everything needed to bring Futenma to life.  Please see the scenery installation section for a short list of object libraries needed to complete installation.

For anyone using any of the series of sceneries in Japan available from MAIW, I strongly recommend getting the free terrain mesh available here:    The default Microsoft terrain mesh is simply incapable of properly representing the rugged terrain found in parts of Japan.  Without this free mesh installed, you will notice some very odd altitude errors on many of the Japan sceneries.

We also recommend getting the Ie Shima (RODE) scenery available in the MAIW Download Hangar as that location is frequently used for training from Futenma.

Included in this package:

       VMM-262 & VMM-265 on the JYAI MV-22 Model

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       Futenma H&HS flight on the DWAI Citation II model

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Three forest clearing style LZs: Firebase Jones, LZ Hawk and LZ 17B

       Silver Flag training Location.  Silver Flag was formerly a training program that instructed Marines and Airmen in the art of repairing combat damaged airfields.  It is now the location for Marine Corps dog training.   The site is part of the Kadena Air Force Base Complex, located just north of the main airfield.

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       MCAS Futenma (ROTM)

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Everything needed for the aircraft featured in this package is self contained.  Simply copy both folders, DWAI_UC-35 MCAS Futenma & JYAI_V-22_Osprey MCAS Futenma into <YOUR FS9 INSTALL>\aircraft

Inisde the JYAI_V-22_Osprey MCAS Futenma folder is a readme file by John Young explaining the multitude of features and model options he has created for the AI V-22 model.  Please read it carefully to best use this versatile model.  You will also find two .air files, JYAI_V-22.air and JYAI_V-

22_long_roll.air.  This package uses the JYAI_V-22.air file by default as it is better suited to landing in confined spaces.  We do not recommend the use of the JYAI_V-22_long_roll.air file as it is intended for scenery with longer runways.


To install the scenery included with this package:

1)  Copy the folder "ROTM" into: <Your FS Install>\Addon Scenery\

2)  Activate inside the sim

This scenery makes extensive use of the MAIW Global Scenery Library Objects available in the Download Hangar at  I strongly suggest it be installed to make sure the latest version of the needed libraries are installed.

The following additional object libraries are needed to bring this scenery to life:

AG Tree Lib                             - on Avsim

Atusgi Object Library              -  MAIW Atusgi Package

Beaufort Object Library           -  MAIW MCAS Beaufort Package

Lights SS V2                           -

MCD Military                            - on Avsim

Parking Lots Large SS            - on Avsim

The following effect file is needed: Apron_Flood_13.fx

This effect file is commonly used in scenery by John Stinstrom.  I suggest this file on Avsim:


The small LZ style locations use CTAF communications frequencies as they would in the real world.  During testing, we discovered that users watching AI traffic with Traffic View Board would have AI aircraft get stuck at these locations.  For anyone wanting to use Traffic View Board, we have included optional AFCAD files which switch communications to Tower use.  This allows the traffic to depart normally.  Simply copy the files in the folder “Traffic View Board Optional Files” into the ROTM\Scenery folder and chose to overwrite the orginal files.


1) Copy the files Traffic_Futenma UC35.bgl and Traffic_JYAI Futenma Ospreys.bgl into <Your FS

Install directory>\scenery\world\scenery


Several VCPmod files have been included for use with squadron callsigns, aircraft types and location names.  These can be imported using the program EditVoicepack.exe

This program is available on Avsim as

**Legal disclaimer**

 I of course have no association with the United States Marine Corps, or as far as I know secret spies within the

United States Marine Corps.  This package is based entirely on publicly available photographs and lots of Google Earth magic.  Also, if your computer bursts into flames, melts, has a hard drive crash, decides to play Global Thermonuclear War, or acts odd in any other way after installing this scenery...we didn't do it.  Seriously, don't blame us.  This package must never be uploaded to any website that charges for access or downloads nor may it be distributed in any manner for compensation.

This Project was initially created for internal distribuation among forum members on MAIW forums along with many other works.  Come see what is going on at MAIW

7.  Feedback and Support

Any questions, suggestions and feedback may be directed to the forums at