Cecil Airport (KVQQ)

Jacksonville, Florida

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Brent Newman

September 2016



Formerly Naval Air Station Cecil Field, Cecil airport still plays host to helicopters of the Florida Army National Guard, P-3s operated by US Customs and Border Protection, houses a F/A-18 overhaul facility and helps relieve the training tempo at nearby NAS Jacksonville.

This project has been made possible by the efforts of the amazing objects designers at MAIW who created the buildings and aircraft needed to bring this base to life.  Featured are CH-47 models by Nick Black, UH-60M models by John Young and P-3 AEW and LRT models by Jake Burrus.

This package includes aircraft that were originally included in the MAIW Corpus Christi release but have since been reassigned.  Users may chose to have these aircraft duplicated at two locations in their version of FS9 or only have them at Cecil.  Check the Optional Files section for more information.



To install the scenery included with this package:

1)  Copy the folder "KVQQ": into: <Your FS Install>\Addon Scenery\

2)  Activate the scenery inside FS9

This scenery makes extensive use of the MAIW Global Scenery Library Objects available in the Download Hangar at http://www.militaryaiworks.com/download-hangar/file-library/category/6-officialmaiw-scenery-libraries    Not having the latest version of the MAIW Global Scenery Library Objects installed could cause unpredictable results with the scenery.

The following additional object libraries are needed to bring this scenery to life:

Atusgi Object Library             -  MAIW Atusgi Package

Lights SS V2                      -  lights_ss_v2+.zip

MCD Military                             -  mcdmil.zip on Avsim

Note for advanced users:  The helicopter traffic included in this release is set up to use an “invisible” type AFCAD that allows it to land near it's parking ramp instead of on a long runway.  If you choose to send other helicopter AI traffic to this scenery, VQQ2 should be used as the airport destination in the flight plans.

Adding AI aircraft:

This scenery comes with everything included to get the helicopters of the Florida Army National Guard and the US Customs and Border Protection P-3s flying around your sim. 

To install these aircraft:

1)            Copy the following folders directly from the folder “aircraft” in the download into <YOUR FS INSTALL>\aircraft

JAI_P-3B AEW Cecil

JAI_P-3B LRT Cecil

JYAI UH-60M Cecil

NBAI CH-47 Cecil

2)            Copy the following files directly  from the folder “flightplans” in the download into <YOUR FS INSTALL>\scenery\world\scenery

Traffic_Cecil CBP P3s.bgl

Traffic_FL ARNG Co C 1-111.bgl

Traffic_FL ARNG Det 1B 1-111.bgl

If you have copied the files correctly, you should begin seeing UH-60, CH-47 and US Customs P-3 traffic at Cecil.

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I have included several optional files in this package.

The first is for FSX users.  A full set of FSX native paints for the JYAI UH-60M model have been included.

The second set of option files are modified flight plan files for anyone who is using the MAIW Corpus Christi package.  That package includes all 12 of the USCBP P-3s, which at the time of the MAIW Corpus Christi package release were all stationed there.  Since that package has been released, half of the aircraft have been relocated to Cecil  and are included in this package with the most current paint scheme.  If  you do not want to have duplicate aircraft in your sim, delete the original traffic file that came with the MAIW Corpus Christi package and replace it with the two in the optional files included here.  This will give you one traffic file for all the trainers at NAS Corpus Christi and one traffic file for the remaining CBP aircraft at Corpus Christi.

**Legal disclaimer**

 I of course have no association with the  United States Army National Guard or Department of Homeland Security, or as far as I know secret spies within  either orgainization.  This package is based entirely on publicly available photographs and lots of Google Earth magic.  Also, if your computer bursts into flames, melts, has a hard drive crash, decides to play Global Thermonuclear War, or acts odd in any other way after installing this scenery...we didn't do it.  Seriously, don't blame us.  This package must never be uploaded to any website that charges for access or downloads nor may it be distributed in any manner for compensation.

This Project was initially created for internal distribution among forum members on MAIW forums along with many other works.  This project or any of it's contents are never to be distributed for any form of compensation and requires direct express permission from it's creators for any form of distribution.

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7. Feedback and Support

Any questions, suggestions and feedback may be directed to the forums at www.militaryaiworks.com. 

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