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RAF Mildenhall AI Ospreys


For FS9


John Young





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Released: August 2016


Note: The aircraft in the package are not designed to be user-flyable











This package uses my CV-22B AI Osprey models to represent the 352nd Special Operations Wing at RAF Mildenhall UK. The mission of the wing can be found here:


Although 12 aircraft are believed to be assigned to the unit, 3 are likely to be away on detachment at any one time. However, I have produced all 12 examples, but used 7 in the flight plans, which is probably the maximum seen on the airfield at one time.


The Osprey models are described in the accompanying manual in this package, which includes installation instructions and user options. Please read it to understand how they behave and to get the most out of them.


The Ospreys use the Mildenhall scenery contained in “MAIW RAF Mildenhall V2_Tony”. The file is in the Download Library at MAIW: This is the scenery with the Ospreys added:


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Step 1 - Extract the contents of the zip file to a temporary folder. Ensure that the Use folder names check box is activated in the “Extract” screen of Winzip and the files in the archive will stay in the intended folders.


Step 2 - Place the folder “JYAI_V-22_Osprey_USAF” in your FS9\aircraft folder.


Step 3 – Place the file “Traffic_Ospreys_EGUN.bgl” in your FS9\scenery\world\scenery folder.


Step 4 – Download and install “MAIW RAF Mildenhall V2_Tony” (from the MAIW Download Hangar


Step 5 – Replace the file “MAIW_AFX_EGUN_TD.bgl” in the Mildenhall\scenery folder, with the one in the 352nd SOW zip. The replacement file is in the Mildenhall AFCAD folder. This will add the new parking spots.


Step 6– If you would like to import the specific call sign for the 352nd SOW Ospreys (KNIFE), you can do so, but you will need the “Editvoicepack” program for FS9. The latest version is pay-ware, but older free-ware versions are available for download at:


The call signs are in the Call Signs folder within the Traffic folder”.




The V-22 Ospreys will work in FSX (see Osprey manual). However, the scenery for Mildenhall is very heavy on frame rates when used in that sim version. Some adjustment in quality settings may be necessary in order to reach a usable performance. If users wish to do that, it is important that FSX-formatted traffic files are used. These can be found in the FSX Traffic Files folder.


Special thanks


To Tony Dalton for making the Mildenhall scenery and for allowing me to modify his AFCAD file for the Ospreys.


To Brent Newman for making the KNIFE call sign.


To Mark Walsh for his advice on Osprey parking and operations at Mildenhall.


Permissions and Disclaimers


The contents of this package should not adversely affect your FS9 computer operation if installed according to the instructions. No guarantee is given or responsibility accepted for adverse operation or lost/overwritten files on your computer.


These files may only be uploaded to MAIW, Avsim or by the author(s) 


These files may not be uploaded to any other site without the author's written permission. The package and constituent files may not be sold, or put on any site that charges for downloading free files. The files found in this archive may not be distributed on CD or any medium for any kind of fee, including the cost of production, materials or postage.  The ownership of the models, repaints and flight plans remain with the authors as mentioned in the package


7.  Feedback and Support


Any questions, suggestions and feedback may be directed to the forums at  









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August 2016