MCAS Miramar and Yuma AI Ospreys


For FS9


John Young








Released: August 2016


Note: The aircraft in the package are not designed to be user-flyable





This package uses my MV-22B AI Osprey models to represent 4 United States Marine Corps Squadrons – VMM-163, VMM-268 and VMM-764 at MCAS Miramar California and VMX-1 at MCAS Yuma Arizona. 36 aircraft are used in total.


Each of the Miramar squadrons includes the CAG aircraft with tail artwork, plus 11 in standard low viz livery. This is VMM-268 at my test airfield:




The Osprey models are described in the accompanying manual in this package, which includes installation instructions and user options. Please read it to understand how they behave and to get the most out of them.


The package also uses 3 sceneries and flight plans in the San Diego area – Miramar (KNKX), North Island (KNZY) and Imperial Beach (KNRS) plus Yuma (KYUM) over the mountains in Arizona:




Each scenery is described in the following paragraphs. Further instructions are in the Installation section.


MCAS Miramar (KNKX)


If you don’t have it already, you will need “MAIW MCAS Miramar_Desmond” from the MAIW Download Hangar at  Note that there is also a US Navy “Top Gun” version in the Hangar. That version should not be used with the Ospreys.


Because the MAIW MCAS Miramar scenery uses only default terminal buildings, I have replaced them with some custom hangars and a new operations area with control tower.  Some library objects are also added. The existing MCAS Miramar package includes aircraft and flight plans that fill the eastern ramps with Hornets:



I’m grateful to Des for allowing me to update his AFCAD to allow me to add the Ospreys at the western end:







I have set up the 4 Ospreys of VMX-1, plus visiting Ospreys from Miramar in the existing MAIW scenery of MCAS Yuma. The file is called “” and is available from the Download Hangar at MAIW: 


The existing package features USMC Harriers in considerable numbers:




I’m grateful to Mike Guenthner for allowing me to amend his AFCAD file to accommodate the Ospreys. These are parked on the central area of the ramp:




North Island NAS San Diego (KNZY)


I have based no Ospreys at North Island, but the airfield is a destination for visiting aircraft from Miramar in my flight plans. The scenery is in “” by John Stinstrom and is available from I have made no modifications to the scenery and the visiting Ospreys park in this area by default:




Imperial Beach NOLF (KNRS)


I’m grateful to Steve Holland for producing a new AFCAD for this little airfield for the visiting Ospreys from Miramar:




The AFCAD is included in the Miramar scenery folder and no further download is needed.




Step 1 - Extract the contents of the zip file to a temporary folder. Ensure that the Use folder namescheck box is activated in the “Extract” screen of Winzip and the files in the archive will stay in the intended folders.


Step 2 - Move the folder “JYAI_V-22_Osprey_USMC_USA” from the FS9\Aircraft folder in the Osprey package, to your FS9\aircraft folder.


Step 3 - Move the file “Traffic_Miramar_V22.bgl” from the FS9\scenery\world\scenery folder in the Osprey package, to your FS9\scenery\world\scenery folder.


Step 4 - Download and install the Miramar, Yuma and North Island sceneries if you do not have them already.


Step 5 - Remove the file MAIW_AF2_KNKX_DEFAULT_DK.bgl from the downloaded MAIW MCAS Miramar/ scenery folder and replace it with the one from the. 


Step 6 – From the FS9 Scenery\USA\Miramar folder in the Osprey package, move:


-          KNKX_library_objects_placement_JY.bgl 

-          KNKX_objects_JY_OBJ.BGL

-          MAIW_AFX_KNRS_Imperial_Beach_NOLF.bgl” to your downloaded Miramar scenery folder. 



Step 7 – Add the folder of Miramar textures from the FS9 Scenery\USA folder in the Osprey package, to your downloaded MAIW MCAS Miramar folder.


Step 8 - Remove the file “MAIW_AF2_KYUM_custom.bgl” from the downloaded MAIW MCAS Yuma/ scenery folder and replace it with the one in the “FS9 Scenery\USA\Miramar” folder. 


Step 9 – Place the file “fx_JY_apronlight_white.bmp” from the Effects folder in the Osprey package in your FS9\Effects folder. Place the file “fx_JY_apronlight_white.bmp” in your FS9\Effects\texture folder.


Step 10 – Although the major enhancements to the Miramar scenery use custom-made objects that are included in the scenery files in the Osprey package, some more minor objects are used from the MAIW Global Scenery Library collection at MAIW. The file is called “MAIW Global Scenery Library Objects for” and is available from the Download Hangar at MAIW:  You do not have to install these libraries, but because they are used by so many MAIW sceneries, you may wish to do so if you don’t have them already. If you choose not use these libraries, the file “KNKX_library_objects_placement_JY.bgl” that you added to your Miramar\scenery folder, is not needed.


Step 11 - If you would like to import the specific call signs for the Ospreys, you can do so, but you will need the “Editvoicepack” program for FS9. The latest version is pay-ware, but older free-ware versions are available for download at: . The files are in the Call Signs folder within the Traffic

Components folder. The folder also has the component parts of the Traffic file if users want to modify the flight plans (Traffic Tools or AI Flight Planner needed).




The V-22 Ospreys will work in FSX (see Osprey manual). However, the scenery for North Island San Diego, is very heavy on frame rates when used in that sim version. Some adjustment in quality settings may be necessary in order to reach a usable performance. Similarly the large numbers of MAIW FS9 Hornets and Harriers at Miramar and Yuma will tend to drag the performance down. If that happens, users can achieve better results by reducing the AI traffic to 30%.


If users wish use the scenery and aircraft in FSX, it is important that FSX-formatted traffic files are used. These can be found in the FSX Traffic Files folder.


Special thanks


To Brent Newman, for testing the Ospreys, making the Osprey call signs and for supplying me with serial number information. Also to Steve Holland for help with the flight plans for the Miramar/Yuma Ospreys and for test feedback.


Permissions and Disclaimers


The contents of this package should not adversely affect your FS9 computer operation if installed according to the instructions. No guarantee is given or responsibility accepted for adverse operation or lost/overwritten files on your computer.


These files may only be uploaded to MAIW, Avsim or by the author(s) 


These files may not be uploaded to any other site without the author's written permission. The package and constituent files may not be sold, or put on any site that charges for downloading free files. The files found in this archive may not be distributed on CD or any medium for any kind of fee, including the cost of production, materials or postage.  The ownership of the models, repaints and flight plans remain with the authors as mentioned in the package


7.  Feedback and Support


Any questions, suggestions and feedback may be directed to the forums at  







John Young      

August 2016