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Royal Air Force, 121st Expeditionary Air Wing, RAF Coningsby

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Version: 2.0

For FS 2004 / FS9

Initial Release Date: June 2007

Project Manager: Barry Taylor / Nick Black



A Package covering most of the Aircraft types and Squadrons currently stationed at Royal Air Force Coningsby, Lincolnshire , UK (EGXC), as part of the RAF’s 121st Expeditionary Air Wing. Included are repaints of the current aircraft based at Coningsby including Typhoon F2’s and T1’s of No’s 3, 11, 17 and 29 Squadrons, Jaguar GR3’s and T4’s of No. 6 Squadron, Tornado F3’s of No. 25 Squadron and Tornado GR4’s and F3’s of No. 41 Squadron.

It should be noted that this package was created before the announcement that No. 6 Squadron will disband on 25th May 2007. However it was felt that the inclusion of the Jaguar model and 6 Squadron flight plans was a fitting reminder and tribute to the Jaguar. These Flight plans are on a separate file and can be removed and replaced with flight plans for No.11 Squadron, who will replace the Jaguars once they are up to full strength in late 2007. These will be included in an update from MAIW later in the year. And to commemorate the disbandment of the Jaguar from RAF service, Mike MacIntyre and Barry Taylor have worked tirelessly to create a special AI 12-ship formation flyby. This displays at Coningsby, Lossiemouth (EGQS) and Coltishall (EGYC) on Saturdays in Flightsim. Please see the readme files in the attached RAF Coningsby Scenery folder for more details.


Note this package uses a new installer program for the installation process.

It is hoped that this installer program will be the new MAIW standard, moving forward.


PLEASE provide feedback on the new package installer. This can be done by visiting the website.




Table of Contents

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1. About MAIW


2. Credits


3. Units Included in This Package


4. Installation


5. Troubleshooting


6. Notes and Resources


7. Permissions and Disclaimers



1. About MAIW


Military AI Works (MAIW) is a loosely affiliated, international group of flightsim enthusiasts who share the common goal of seeing realistic military AI traffic in MS Flightsim.  Our goals:


1) Produce only high-quality, freeware packages and products

2) Create military AI traffic accurately within the bounds of MS Flightsim

3) Promote new freeware military AI models, scenery and products

4) Advance military AI modeling of countries around the globe

5) Respect the rights of designers and contributors


To learn more about MAIW or to become a contributor, visit our website at


2. Credits

Eurofighter Typhoon F2 and T1:

- Nick Black and Rysiek Winawer


Sepecat Jaguar GR3 and T4:

- Nick Black


Panavia Tornado GR4 and F3:

- Fernando Martinez


Typhoon and Jaguar AI Flight Dynamics:

- Mike MacIntyre


Tornado Flight Dynamics:

- Oliver Caspers


All Textures:

- Graham King

41 Sqn textures modified from Graham King original by

- Mike MacIntyre and Chris Halpin



- Stewart Pearson



- Barry Taylor

- Steve Holland (25 Sqn Plans)

- Mike MacIntyre (Jaguar Formation Flyby Plans)



- RAF Akrotiri: Stewart Pearson

- RAF Coningsby: Mike MacIntrye, Steve Holland and Nick Black

- UK Bombing Ranges: By UKMIL AI


RAF Coningsby Scenery:

- Mike MacIntyre and Ian McCartney



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3. Units Included in this Package



RAF 121st Expeditionary Air Wing, RAF Coningsby

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                                                            No. 3 (Fighter) Squadron

                                                            Typhoon F2

                                                            Callsigns “RAMPAGE, CHAOS”



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No. 6 (Fighter) Squadron

                                                            Jaguar GR3 and T4

                                                            Callsigns “BOXER, CANNON, NIKON, TURBO”



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No. 11 (Fighter) Squadron

                                                            Typhoon F2

                                                            Callsigns “ROOSTER, SAMSON”



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No. 17 (Reserve) Squadron, Typhoon Operational Evaluation Unit

                                                            Typhoon F2 and T1

                                                            Callsign “MONKEY”


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No. 25 (Fighter) Squadron, Southern Quick Reaction Alert. (Detached from RAF Leeming)

                                                            Tornado F3

                                                            Callsign “FRESCO”


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No. 29 (Reserve) Squadron, Typhoon Operational Conversion Unit

                                                            Typhoon F2 and T1

                                                            Callsigns “PHASER, REELAX, TRIPLEX”


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No. 41 (Reserve) Squadron, Fast Jet and Weapons Operational Evaluation Unit (FJWOEU)

                                                            Tornado GR4 and F3

                                                            Callsigns “REBEL, CIVIC”




Also included are various BAe Systems Typhoons on Testing from BAe Establishment at Warton in Lancashire.


All the aircraft come in various models


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4. Installation


Step 1) Install this package


1a) Install the package in accordance with the on-screen prompts


Step 2) Remove duplicate AFCAD files


Open your “Flight Simulator 9/Addon Scenery/scenery” folder and remove any previously installed AFCADs for the following airports (e.g. “AF2_EXXX.bgl,” “AF2_EXXX_DEFAULT_XX.bgl” or “PAI_AF2_EXXX_DEFAULT.bgl”)  NOTE: LEAVE ALL AFCADS BEGINNING WITH “MAIW” as they were installed with step 1. Look for any of the following airfields:

















NOTE:  Failure to remove these duplicate files may result in problems with AI aircraft parking and operation.  It is recommended you move these to a temporary folder instead of deleting them, however, you should not need them again as the AFCADs included in this package are thoroughly researched and highly detailed.  If you are using addon scenery for one of the above airfields, it is recommended you do NOT remove the AFCAD for the addon scenery, but instead remove the MAIW AFCAD file (e.g. MAIW_EXXX_DEFAULT_XX.bgl) after installation.



Step 3) Install callsign voicepacks


3a) If you don’t have the EditVoicepack 3.1 freeware installed, download it and install it by clicking here.


3b) Run EditVoicepack and import all .vcpmod files included in with this installation


3b1) Choose “Import” from the “File” menu

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3b2) Find the folder “Flight Simulator 9/Military AI Works/UK/RAF/121EAW/Callsigns” in the “Look in:” window

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4b3) Click “open” for each file


4c) Update the Voicepack for FS9 by choosing “Update Voicepack” from the “File” menu--ensure the “Custom/Callsigns” box is checked in the left hand window.  (note: the update may take a few minutes—do not attempt to start FS9 until the update is complete.  Look for “Ready” in the lower left corner)

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Step 4) Use MAIW RAF Coningsby Scenery Enhancements by Mike MacIntyre


Included in this package are enhancements for the default scenery of RAF Coningsby, UK (EGXC) by Mike MacIntyre. Besides using some outstanding custom RAF Coningsby buildings by Ian McCartney these enhancements also use some default FS9 scenery objects as well as scenery objects from Michael Carr's Modern Military Scenery and Objects package contained in the, Bill Leaming's ESDG Ramp Lights for FS2004 contained in the and Sidney Schwartz's FS9 Custom Buildings and Objects contained in, and, which are all available at Avsim and need to be installed.


You do not need Rwy12 installed in order for any of these additional scenery objects to be used. All you have to do is first download and install Michael Carr's Modern Military Scenery and Objects package if you do not already have it installed. Next you need to create a Static Objects Folder or equivalent in your “Flight Simulator 9/Addon Scenery" directory and create within this folder both a scenery and texture subfolder. Then unzip the appropriate of these zip files that you don't already have installed to a temporary folder and place the included scenery and texture files into the appropriate subfolder in this "Static Objects Library" folder.



The Installer will already have installed a folder called “MAIW RAF Coningsby” in your “Flight Simulator 9/Addon Scenery" directory. This folder contains all the scenery and exclude files for this enhanced RAF Coningsby scenery. To enable this scenery, start FS9 and go to the scenery library in settings, select "ADD AREA" and then select the path of the folder "Flight Simulator 9/Addon Scenery/MAIW RAF Coningsby". Click OK. Now follow the same procedure and enable the "Static Objects Library" that you created above and then exit FS9.


The installer will also have installed the MAIW_AF2_EGXC_DEFAULT_MM.bgl file that works with the above scenery enhancements into your "Flight Simulator 9/Addon Scenery/Scenery" directory. The next time you start up FS9, the RAF Coningsby scenery enhancements will all be installed and enabled so that you can visit the FS9 RAF Coningsby using the MAIW RAF Coningsby scenery enhancements.


Mike MacIntyre 5/3/2007 



Step 5) If you are using this scenery alongside Gary Summons “UK2000” Airports, or “British Airports” by JustFlight.


If you are running “UK2000” or “British Airports” by Gary Summons on your system the new scenery above will overlay that scenery and will cause adverse effects. Thus you need to carry out the following procedures to avoid the duplication. If you are content to leave “UK2000” or “British Airports” intact, the parking AFCAD file supplied with this file is not compatible with that scenery, and with the Gary Summons AFCAD not being compatible with our FlightPlans, you will not see all of the AI Aircraft in this package.


# Go to the folder "C:/Microsoft Games/Flight Simulator 9/Scenery/BrApt/North1/Scenery"

# This folder holds all the .bgl scenery files all carrying the four letter ICAO codes for the particular airport plus what the file contains.

# create a new folder called "unused"

# find the 3 files which start with 'egxc' these are






# move these files into the new folder you've just created.

# you also need to go into the folder named "C:/Microsoft Games/Flight Simulator 9/Scenery/BrApt/North1_AFCAD/Scenery"

# create a new folder called "unused"

# find the file named “af2_egxc.bgl” and move it to the “unused” folder.


# Et voila the Justflight scenery at RAF Coningsby will now be disabled.


A similar process will be required if you have Gary Summons “UK2000” scenery, I.e. not packaged by “JustFlight.” Follow the process described above, but to find the scenery files you will need to look in “C:/Program Files/Microsoft Games/Flight Simulator 9/uk2000 scenery/UK2000 Part7/scenery” you will need to move the following files however:


af2_egxc.bgl from the \uk2000 scenery\af2_high\scenery folder
egxc.bgl, egxc_tornado.bgl, egxcexc.bgl, and egxctaxi.bgl from the \uk2000 scenery\UK2000 Part7\scenery folder.




That’s it!  You’ve successfully installed this package. 

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5. Troubleshooting


Problems addressed:

“I’ve installed the package, but there are no Military AI aircraft at the airports”

“When I go to an airport, there are AI planes parked on top of one another”

“I can’t find the aircraft in the aircraft selection menu”

“When the Military AI planes talk to ATC, they use only numbers, not callsigns”

“I’m following the Military AI aircraft, and they won’t come back for touch-and-go’s”



Problem:  “I’ve installed the package, but there are no Military AI aircraft at the airports”


Potential issue:  FS9 AI traffic density set too low

Fix action:  In FS9, set the AI traffic density slider to at least 60%.



Problem:  “When I go to an airport, there are AI planes parked on top of one another”


Potential issue:  Multiple AFCADs active for the same airport

Fix action:  Using Windows Explorer, open the folder “Flight Simulator 9/Addon scenery/scenery.”  Look for duplicate entries for the following airport identifier:




Files may be named in several ways.  The most common are “AF2_KXXX.bgl,” “AF2_KXXX_DEFAULT_XX.bgl” and “PAI_AF2_DEFAULT.bgl.”  Keep the files named “AF2_KXXX_DEFAULT_RM.bgl” and remove all others with duplicate airport identifiers.



Problem:  “I can’t find the aircraft in the aircraft selection menu”


Issue:  These are AI aircraft and have been programmed to not show up in the flyable aircraft selection menu

Fix action:  If you simply must select these aircraft, use an editing program such as AirEd and change the Aircraft type from “0” to “2”



Problem:  “When the Military AI planes talk to ATC, they use only numbers, not callsigns”


Potential issue:  Callsign Voicepacks were not installed correctly

Fix action:  Run the EditVoicepack software.  Look in the “custom modifications/callsigns” section of the program and check that all the callsigns in the folder “Flight Simulator 9/Military AI Works/UK/RAF/121EAW/Callsigns” were added.


If any of these are missing, choose “File/import” and open the appropriate .vcpmod file in the folder “Flight Simulator 9/Military AI Works/UK/RAF/121EAW/Callsigns.” 


Once this is complete, or if all callsigns are present, ensure the “Custom/Callsigns” box is checked in the left hand window and choose “File/Update Voicepack” to install them into FS9 (this may take a few minutes, do not open FS9 until the lower left of the EditVoicepack screen says “Ready.”)



Problem:  “I’m following the Military AI aircraft, and they won’t come back for touch-and-go’s”


Potential issue:  You’re following your AI aircraft

Fix action:  Stop following your AI aircraft.  For some reason, a watched AI aircraft does not always behave the way it is programmed to.  If you wait for the aircraft at the airport, it will arrive on schedule




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6. Notes and Resources


This package was built by the Military AI Works online community.  If you are interested in making Military AI traffic more realistic, visit this site!



The Flightplans in this package were designed to simulate the types of mission currently undertaken by the Aircraft of 121 EAW. They are not accurate as the squadrons fly to various locations around the world during the year and this is impossible to simulate. Also for security reasons the flightplans cannot be fully accurate.

Flightplans were installed using Lee Swordy’s TrafficTools freeware traffic compiler.



The callsigns used in this package are actual callsigns used by these units based on information found online. While squadrons generally use several different callsigns for training missions, the aircraft in this pack have all been assigned one of the four available at random. 


All callsigns were created using the ingenious EditVoicepack freeware.  This program is extremely simple and fun to use—if you need a new AI callsign, give it a try!



All AFCADs were created using Lee Swordy’s AFCAD v2.21.  This has got to be one of the finest freeware programs ever created.  Want to add some AI parking to your local airport?  AFCAD makes it fun!




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7. Permissions and Disclaimers




Nick Needham: for his superb AI jetsmoke effects which were modified for the AI Jaguar by Mike MacIntyre.

Henry Tomkiewicz: for his continued support and continued permission to use his stunning AI afterburner effects. Here modified slightly for the Jaguar and Typhoon by Mike MacIntyre.

Special assistance in Initial BETA testing from: Steve Holland, Ian McCartney, Mike MacIntyre, Barry Taylor and Nick Black


Adverse Effects:

The contents of this package should not adversely affect your FS9 or computer operation if installed according to the instructions. The authors make no guarantee and bear no responsibility for adverse operation or lost/overwritten files on your computer.


Use of Contents:





Upload to will never be allowed by Military AI Works.


Any questions, suggestions and feedback on the contents may be directed to the forums at




All information used to create this package was obtained via online, open-source research.  All flight plans and schedules, while reasonable for military units, are fictional.





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