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Airport ICAO Database

Please note that this airport information is not certified, authorized or suitable for real aviation!

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Country County City Airport Latitude Longitude Altitude ICAO IATA
Paraguay - Asuncion Silvio Pettirossi Intl S25* 14.4655' W57* 31.0096' 290.01M SGAS ASU
Paraguay - Ayolas Juan De Ayolas S27* 22.2001' W56* 51.2333' 222.99M SGAY AYO
Paraguay - Carlos Miguel Gimenez Carlos Miguel Gimenez S26* 52.8881' W58* 19.0821' 249.01M SGPI PIL
Paraguay - Concepcion Ten. Crl. P.A.M. Carmelo Peral S23* 26.4500' W57* 25.8000' 249.01M SGCO CIO
Paraguay - Coroneloviedo Cap. Pam Walter Gwynn S25* 31.0333' W56* 24.4000' 140.99M SGOV -
Paraguay - Dr Juan Plate Dr Juan Plate S22* 9.5404' W57* 56.5496' 280.01M SG65 -
Paraguay - Encarnacion Tnte Ramon Amin Ayub Gonzales S27* 13.3185' W55* 50.1013' 652.99M SGEN ENO
Paraguay - Estancia Pai Quara Estancia Pai Quara S23* 13.4373' W55* 56.7815' 711.99M SG67 -
Paraguay - Filadelfia Fernhein S22* 22.0000' W60* 2.9999' 455.99M SGFI FLM
Paraguay - Hernandarias Itaipu S25* 24.4699' W54* 37.1674' 744.99M SGIB -
Paraguay - Itapua Jose Maria Argana S26* 50.3855' W55* 19.7349' 876.01M SGMZ -
Paraguay - Loma Plata Loma Plata S22* 21.5666' W59* 50.3334' 70.00M SGLP -
Paraguay - Mariscal Estigarribia Prof Dr Pac Luis Maria Argana S22* 1.8341' W60* 37.3586' 553.99M SGME ESG
Paraguay - Minga Guazu Guarani Intl S25* 27.3176' W54* 50.5062' 846.01M SGES AGT
Paraguay - Paraguari Paraguari S25* 36.1156' W57* 9.1482' 409.99M Z23Z -
Paraguay - Pedro Juan Caballero Prof Dr Pac Augusto Roberto Fu S22* 38.4506' W55* 49.9358' 1851.01M SGPJ PJC
Paraguay - Santa Teresa Santa Teresa S22* 37.4000' W56* 38.0999' 581.99M SGST -
Paraguay - Villa Hayes Sargento De Aviacion Nicolo Bo S25* 9.3001' W57* 33.6333' 216.01M SGNB -

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