Object libraries for FS9 and FSX

Andrej Urosevic - MBC Studios

If you have been in the FS scene long enough to place API objects, chances are high that you know Andrej Urosevic (MBC Studios doo). His Flight Simulator objects are outstanding, combining a stunning look with cool features like rotating radar domes.

Like many great modelers he has moved on and there would be no chance to see his objects again in true FSX format if not for the skills and ideas of Arno Gerretsen. Arno is the author of the tool ModelConverterX, which allows you to convert objects between certain model formats. The development of ModelConverterX is ongoing, so check the forum from time to time.

I have been trusted and authorized by Andrej Urosevic to convert his API models to FSX format and make them available again. You can download the FSX and the FS9 version of the object library in the download section.

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