Welcome to the Military Aircraft Reference

The main feature of this site is the very comprehensive (+1.000) reference of military aircraft, providing technical and historical data. The list can be sorted and filtered by all relevant fields (year of introduction, number of aircraft built, crew size, speed in knots, range in miles and ceiling in feet). Each aircraft has a link to its Wikipedia article for background information. For airport design in FSX both the wingspan and the resulting parking spot size are provided.

Mid 2012 the unique Military AI Reference was added. You will find a list of over 2.600 military aircraft models, repaints and flight plans, all with download links.

Other special features of The Owl's Nest are the very detailed overview of the packages created by MAIW and other Military AI aircraft, the country based ICAO airport database, the airport search and the airport distance calculator. Both the airport search and the distance calculator use Google Maps to show you either the satellite image of the airport or the flight route. You can find online converters for both speed and distance units. Check out the recommended sites, some gems are buried there. Check out Live Air Traffic, or look for the AI Aircraft Editor and other tools in the Download Center. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

In the middle of 2023 I added the Owl's Gallery which presents photos I have taken during some airshows.

Many thanks to my friend Markus Biechele for hosting The Owl's Nest for many years. With my new Swiss based provider Metanet the Owl is now SSL secured with a significantly improved performance. I hope you find something useful for you to discover here. Enjoy your visit!

Martin Gossmann (gsnde)

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