Jon Masterson's Airport Design Editor

Some years ago I was lucky to stumble across a great tool for FS9 - Library Object Manager. It could do many cool things unheard of before, and I happen to become a beta tester for Jon Masterson. Today he is working on the ultimate scenery design tool: Airport Design Editor. Mighty by its features, it does everything according to the SDK and therefore produces clean code.

Airport Design Editor (ADE9X) is a graphical design tool. It allows you to enhance existing FSX airports as well as to create new ones. Based on the design principles of Lee Swordy's AFCAD2, it has by now far exceeded the abilities of the FS9 tool by supporting the new FSX features. The coding for ADE9X is done by Jon Masterson, with a dedicated team supporting him in the development of the software.

Let me quote Jon to describe the goal of ADE9X:
"ADE sets out to achieve two things in designing and enhancing airports. First to make the enhanced airport look good, and second to make it work properly. Airport design must address both aspects - the visible and the invisible. The design philosophy goes further in assisting users of all levels to get things right from the start. Error checking and 'common sense' are built in. At the same time it is important to allow users flexibility. ADE is being developed with the help of a small group of dedicated airport designers with a wealth of knowledge and experience."

If you are doing scenery design, try ADE. Click on the picture below to visit Jon Masterson's Homepage.

Airport Design Editor

New Version      February 28, 2013 We have just released 1.55 This is a major update with a range of new features.
  • Release Notes (click to expand)

  • Airport Design Editor 9x Version 1.55.4790 Released

    • NEW
      * A warning box is now displayed on start up where the image complexity setting in ADE is not set to Extremely Dense. The user has the option to ignore the message in future.
      * ADE will now stop users from compiling to a stock airport file in a stock folder. A warning is issued and the compile cancelled
      * Issue Manager now catches invalid Exclusion Rectangles where the latitude minimum is not less than the maximum and/or the longitude minimum is not less than the maximum.
      * New file format for ADE projects (.ad3) This format creates on average a much smaller project file. This should load faster and should place less pressure on memory when saving large project files. ADE continues to read .ade be in .ad3 format. This is not reverse compatible with older version of ADE. However the current .ade or .ad2 project file will not be over-written by the new format.and .ad2 file formats but all new saved files will
      * Added a Compile Button top right next to the Design Mode Selector. This button is active when a project is loaded and when clicked will compile the project.
      * The list of Taxiway names (Designators) is now presented in sorted order in the toolbar drop down.
      * Time to Next Auto Save Visual Indicator. There is a countdown progress bar in the lower status bar area that displays the time left before the next auto save. The color of the bar changes as the time counts down. Auto save will only start when there are unsaved items in the project.
      * Center on Tower View point is now available from the Right Click Menu
      * A ToolTip is available when mouse over Issues Button. This will list current issues if any.
      * A project tree that displays all user editable objects in a project. Navigating the tree allows the user to find and/or edit objects.
      * ADE now supports Prepar3D as a separate Sim version. This is reported as ADEP.
      * Moving Objects in front or behind each other has been extended. Changes in this are now remembered by ADE.
      * Night Lighting Mode. ADE will now show the airport at night including all the lighting. This is toggled on and off via the 'L' key. Most editing functions are available in Night Lighting Mode.

      * The upper limit of five for the Library Object Scale property has been removed
      * Hidden aprons and terrain polys can no longer be revealed and selected using Ctrl+A
      * The image displayed in place of a thumbnail when it is not available is made clearer. It now says: Thumbnail Not Available
      * The methods used to handle positional data have been revised and updated.
      * Changed the handling of selection for aprons. In 1.50 the distance from the edge appeared to grow with zoom. This is now changed so that the visual distance from the edge of an apron or poly is contant irrespective of zoom level.
      * It is now possible to set pushback direction for parking spots. Although this is not honored in FS, some third party products make use of the information.
      * The Change Airport Altitude Tool will now ask if the user wishes to create a pre-load stub Bgl file for non stock airports. Stubs ARE required for stock airport altitude changes so this option is not shown in this case.
      * The Menu entry for List Libraries Used is now in the List Menu rather than the Tools Menu.
      * The following flags can now be set for all Scenery Objects (Beacon, Effect, Fuel Trigger, Generic Building, Library Object and Windsock) :- No Autogen Suppression, No Crash, No Fog and No Shadow.
      * Vertex display size can now be set by the user via Right Click > Display Options when a vertex is selected. The value set will also control the width of the edges drawn between vertices.
      * Locked objects can now be copied and pasted. The pasted copies are set unlocked.
      * It should now be possible to move airports over longer distances accurately. Thanks to motuslechat for pointing us to the Geodesy library created by Mike Gavaghan.
      * If the user has Load Last Project on Startup set to true and this project causes ADE to fail to start then there is no simple way for the user to get ADE to start. ADE will now turn off Load Last Project on Startup so that ADE can be started with no project loaded.
      * ADE now handles taxi links where either the start or end points are not found. These errors cause the compile to fail. On load ADE now checks for invalid taxi links and will remove them. If user action invalidates a start or end point then the Issue Manager reports it and will fix the problem. This should also deal with several CTD reports.
      * ADE will now remember the compiled file name. Currently this always resets to the default name each time a compile is carried out. The default name will now only appear the first time a project is compiled or if it is not changed.
      * FSX Vehicle paths are no longer highlighted when their taxipath designator is selected.
      * The parking spot tool tip shows airline codes associated with the spot. If there are more than five then the first five will be shown followed by '...' This is intended to avoid over large tool tips. In any case FS rarely honors more than a few airline codes at a spot.
      * FSX Vehicle paths will always have a taxipath designator of BLANK
      * The display grid is now drawn based on a given spacing between lines. The default is 500m (1500ft) however this can be set by the user. The drawn grid is centered on the current airport reference point and extends 50km in each direction (100km x 100km). The grid can be toggled on and off via the 'G' key.
      * New taxi paths of type TAXI, PATH and PARKING now get a center line. Note that new path drawn from an existing path take the properties of the parent (or origin path)
      * User can now set the display color for a Flatten in FS9.

      * CTD when loading effect where no effect files are loaded
      * Invalid Parameter CTD when editing multiple taxi paths
      * Invalid Parameter CTD when editing a taxi path
      * The Add menu options for Beacons and Effects no longer appear in Approach Mode
      * CTD when double clicking an entry in a List.
      * CTD when attempting to select a library object. This bug has been reported only in version
      * CTD when using the Undo button.
      * CTD when trying to load approach code from an XML file. This is caused when ADE fails to detect that the XML file is not properly formed and does not contain the FSData and/or Airport Tags
      * CTD when selecting parking spot placement mode.
      * CTD when selecting an apron. This bug has only been reported in version and not in any later versions
      * CTD when drawing runway.
      * CTD when drawing Background Image.
      * CTD with Fault Finder
      * Algorithm to assign taxi signs to stock airport modified to deal with LOWG where signs are not found with the old algorithm
      * Latitude parsing CTD when latitude is only a single character.
      * CTD when ProKey user presses the D key with no project loaded
      * Terrain Polys should no longer appear on project load if they are set to be hidden in the view menu.
      * Runway lighting should no longer show in day mode when a runway is custom hidden
      * It is no longer possible to drag a taxi link if either the start or end nodes are locked.
      * Fixed problems of distortion where an airport is moved over a long distance
      * Problem that stopped user from deleting all airline codes from a multiple selection of parking spots.
      * The Issue Manager will now report an error if a parking spot is identified with a Parking Type of NONE. The compiler will fail if this is not corrected
      * CTD when trying to delete an object. This is reported as an Index Out of Range error and was caused by the drawing code.
      * Multiple selection of vertices using the Shift Key now works. It is possible to drag and/or delete multiple vertices. Rubber band selection of vertices is currently not possible but is planned for a later release.
      * CTD when trying to add a Fuel Trigger in ADEX. Probably caused by more than one object being selected or an unexpected double click.
      * It is now possible to Undo adding a Jetway in ADEX
      * The appearance of the 'Delete Failed' message should no longer occur. This was a bug caused by selecting an object and hitting the delete key more than once.
      * VOR/ILS without idents result in a compiler error. The Issue Manager now identifies these and will allow the user to fix them. It is no longer possible to create a VOR or ILS without an ident. It is no longer possible to edit a VOR or ILS to remove the ident.
      * NDB without idents result in a compiler error. The Issue Manager now identifies these and will allow the user to fix them. It is no longer possible to create an NDB without an ident. It is no longer possible to edit an NDB to remove the ident.
      * Bug that caused display to pan at greater rate than the mouse move after disconnecting from FS.
      * Cardinal runway idents are now displayed properly in ADE.
      * Rubber band did not work over Background Image. The method of selection for images is changed to fix this problem. Selection is now possible only on the edge.
      * ADE will now report if an Effect file used in a placed effect cannot be found. Shows a Red line and appears in the Tooltip as a problem
      * The Issue Manager now reports any parking spot airline codes that exceed four characters in length. Any codes over four characters will cause a compiler error.
      * Issue where ADE reports wrong library object footprint size in property dialog where dimension units are set to feet.
      * Inconsistencies and errors generated in Starts, ILS and taxi links when a runway is re-numbered.
      * Incomplete undo/redo for Starts, ILS and taxi links when a runway is renumbered.
      * CTD when trying to add Marker beacons when there are no runways at the airport
      * CTD where ADE is trying to open the users default internet browser and cannot.
      * CTD when trying to list Taxi Paths. Caused by invalid taxi name index values for non-runway links
      * CTD when trying to edit an object by using double click in the List View
      * CTD when trying to edit an Effect and the Effects Folder was not correctly identified
      * The Start Tooltip now shows the full Runway Ident including the designator letter if present

  • Airport Design Editor 9x Version 1.50.4402 Released

      * Removed the Zoom and Center on Model options from the Models list since they are not relevant
      * We have updated the way ADE handles effects. The program needs access to the Effects Folder in FS. If it cannot find it then it cannot add or edit effects. Messages are now displayed to advise the user of this problem.

      * Bug where un-checking ProKey in the Add in Manager does not turn off the ProKey.
      * Fixed .4400 bug that caused a CTD when adding or editing effects

  • Airport Design Editor 9x Version 1.50.4400 Released

      * Logging of current status has been updated to help us track down reported problems

      * CTD when selecting an object. We are not sure what this is. It has been reported many times but we cannot replicate it. We have added some code that should stop the error. We will monitor for new reports of this.
      * CTD caused by Approach Mode Tooltip font at extremes of zoom
      * CTD when editing a taxi link from the List
      * CTD when trying to add a thumbnail to the Library Object Manager using an existing file. Note that trying to use a texture will almost certainly cause this problem. ADE now displays a message rather than crashing.
      * CTD when working with Approach Transitions
      * CTD if the user hits the Delete Key while dragging.
      * CTD at the end of a drag. We cannot replicate this but we have added some code that should stop the CTD occurring.
      * CTD where user sets VOR default range and the local decimal separator is not a '.'
      * CTD when user clicks the Fault Finder Close button while a scan is in progress.
      * CTD when starting a drag operation

  • Airport Design Editor 9x Version 1.50.18 Released

      * Method of adding background images to reduce risk of CTDs

      * CTD when Terrain Element properties are 'Not Set'
      * CTD when checking for Approaches during extended compile (FS9)
      * CTD when trying to add an approach to an airport that has no suitable runways.
      * CTD when trying to add a Library Object where nothing Is selected from the list
      * Older version airport level locks not released by 1.50.17. This stops some objects being deleted
      * Fixed missing Right Click Rotate option for ProKey Users (1.50 bug)
      * Deleting Transitions now works and removes the transition and all components
      * Stopped user dragging/Deleting terminal NDBs
      * CTD with SCASM Compiler where user setting decimal separator is not a period

  • Airport Design Editor 9x Version 1.50.17 Released

    • NEW
      * ADE9 can generate airport flattens for FS9.
      * The tooltip can be temporarily hidden by holding down the 'Q' key. This can be used if the tooltip gets in the way of what you are doing but you do not want to turn it off.
      * Copy and Paste Coordinates from one object to another (Requires ProKey)
      * Display Options for taxi points allow setting of drawn diameter.

      * The model file path can now be edited from the Models List
      * Issue Manager now reports models where the path cannot be found and allows the user to enter a new path.
      * Apron and Polygon selection methods changed. Includes a keyboard method to select them
      * Sending Log File now includes Project State. This is the state of the project at the time of a fatal error and can help us replicate the problem
      * View Menu for FS9 to include Flattens
      * Locking at the project level. We have changed the way ADE locks type of objects (e.g. all aprons). There are now menus to lock and unlock groups of objects. Groups extended to include background images and terrain polygons
      * Users can no longer turn on Skip Compile at the Project Level (such changes will be ignored. ADE will always compile the project).
      * Display options for taxi links restored.
      * Changed method to get next available taxi point index
      * User can re-index taxi points where the highest index used exceeds 50% of the maximum
      * Issue Manager now checks for maximum number of taxi points
      * Issue Manager now checks for object headings outside 0 > 360 that can be in AFCAD/AFX files
      * Load Stock Airport Dialog now has Button to open airport in addition to key and mouse clicks
      * Improved handling of files that are not valid ADE project files or Bgl files containing airports

      * Test Radius for FSX airports are drawn correctly
      * CTD where object altitude property is cleared of any value (empty string)
      * CTD when trying to auto fix a fault with the Fault Finder
      * Being able to add vertex to locked object (apron etc.)
      * CTD where Bgl compile fails silently.
      * Error where Property Dialog can be opened to edit multiple objects other than Parking or Taxiway paths
      * CTD when deleting Approach Element plus other CTD when working with Approach Code
      * Dragging Terminal Waypoints in Approach Mode is again possible
      * Problem with Hidden List (ProKey) causing small and unhelpful message window
      * CTD where ADE cannot create an XML file for compiling (usually caused by trying to compile to a folder under UAC in Vista and Windows 7)
      * CTD where the parking number is greater than 999. The limit has been set to the correct limit of 3999.
      * Edit button is now active for multiple selections of parking and tax links in List.
      * CTD where the Arial Narrow Font is missing from the user computer. ADE now issues a warning on start-up and will not draw runway IDs if the font is not found.
      * Bug introduced in ADE1.50 that allowed the airport to be deleted from the project through multiple selection

  • Airport Design Editor 9x Version 1.50.11 Released

    • FIXED
      * CTD with FS9 Extended Compile Plugin.
      * CTD if Project Statistics Plugin is called when a new airport has not yet been saved
      * CTD where user switches to Approach Mode when cursor is not pointer.
      * CTDs where user is allowed to work after a File Failed to Load error. ADE will now set a clear screen.
      * CTDs where the Right Click Menu may be activated when there is no project loaded. ADE no longer displays a context menu if there is no project loaded.
      * Problem with dimensions of Generic Buildings.

  • Airport Design Editor 9x Version 1.50.08 Released

    • NEW
      * ADE requires dotNET Framework v3.5 to run. If not this cannot be found ADE will display an error message and will no longer start.

      * Bug that appears to come from the drag handler and reports an object no set to an instance.
      * CTD when using Move Airport Dialog (ProKey)
      * CTD when selecting or attempting to rotate an object (caused by accidental double click on object handle)
      * CTD when trying to Edit or Delete and object (caused by the rotate handle being the last thing clicked before the Edit or Delete is attempted

  • Airport Design Editor 9x Version 1.50.07 Released

    • NEW
      * 'Nudge' objects for accurate placement. Arrow keys may be used to nudge objects or groups of objects by as little as 0.01m (4 inches). This is a ProKey feature.

      * Changes to the load sequence that should save a few seconds during application start.
      * ADE will now dynamically ensure that stock approaches are retained in the case where no user specified (or imported) approaches exist in the project
      * Tooltip handling is changed to improve performance. The tooltip when drag rotating objects now shows only the current heading
      * Delete background images from list view
      * Removed the coordinate display from the lower status bar. This replicates the display in the main window and maintaining it caused unnecessary performance degradation.
      * Markers placed via key from FS are no longer locked when created. (ProKey)

      * Invalid parameter error when loading background image.
      * Out of Memory error when loading a background image.
      * Background Images loaded form an existing project appears blocky.
      * Object not set error from tooltip.
      * Object not set error from dragging mouse.
      * Locking Aprons from the Main Lock Menu does not lock the individual vertex points. (this is present in earlier versions)
      * Risk that some manual unzips may not copy empty folders. ADE will create required folders if missing.
      * Large pink circle filling screen when nearby airport is selected.
      * Duplicating Image Complexity drop down in Jetway property dialog
      * ProKey Move/Rotate airport in selected object drag mode where selected object is moved/rotated twice
      * CTD when editing edge lights
      * CTD when opening parking spot properties dialog
      * Stopped CTD when deleting some objects. ADE will now display an error message. This is not the final solution.
      * Stopped CTD when loading or removing stock data. ADE will now display an error message. This is not the final solution

  • Airport Design Editor 9x Version 1.50.05 Released

    • FIXED
      * Issue Manager Performance. IM running in background impacts on cpu usage. The IM should no longer impact on overall performance.

  • Airport Design Editor 9x Version 1.50.04 Released

    • NEW
      * The taxiway network can now be locked to prevent accidental deletion or move. This is an application level lock accessed from the Lock Menu

      * Effects can now be drag rotated to set heading

      * The Rubber Band selector is active in Approach Mode.
      * Duplicate waypoints are now identified by the Issue Manager.
      * Clicking the Issue Manager Status button at lower left of screen when no airport is loaded no longer results in a CTD.
      * Trying to add an Effect without setting an effect file name should no longer result in a CTD
      * The Image Complexity list for Jetways no longer duplicates each time it is shown in the Property Dialog
      * The Ctrl+C shortcut should now work for Compile
      * The Issue Manager should no longer report unconnected Jetways

  • Airport Design Editor 9x Version 1.50.00 Released

    • NEW
      * ProKey is now supported. This is a paid for feature giving access to advanced functions including:
      o Move Airport
      o Rotate Airport
      o Direct edit of Xml Source via tree view of project and property grid
      o Fault Finder remembers which fault groups you last selected
      o Custom Hide Objects
      o Resize Helper Shapes via handles
      o User selectable vertex count when converting circle/ellipse helper shapes to aprons
      o Hot keys in FS place elements in ADE
      o Open last project automatically
      * Updated Add-ins to work with the ProKey
      * Associate .ad2 file extension with ADE so that double clicking a .ad2 file will launch ADE with that file
      * Drag and Drop Files onto ADE Icon/executable. Users can now drag .ade, .ad2, .bgl and .xml files onto the ADE Icon or executable. ADE will launch with the dropped file
      * Open last project automatically when ADE starts. This is a ProKey Function only
      * New items in the View menu for Library Objects, Generic Buildings and Nearby Airport Markers. Users can now hide these groups of items in the display
      * Custom Hide. This is a ProKey Function only. Users can select and hide individual items in the display. These items can be temporarily displayed will a key is pressed, individually restored or all restored. ADE remembers what objects are individually hidden between sessions.
      * Resize the aircraft symbol. Users can now re-size the airport symbol when present. This is manually changeable to suit the user and makes it easier to handle accurate placement when ADE is zoomed in.
      * List Third Party Libraries Used. Provides a list of third party library Bgl files that are used in a project.
      * It is now possible to select and drag a link
      * Beacons and Effects are supported and can be added to a project via the Right Click > Add Menu
      * New List: Helpers. This lists all guidelines, position markers and helper shapes in the project Y
      * Many lists now allow multiple selection using the usual Shift and Control mouse clicks. When a list allows multiple select shown below the item count and two buttons are made available (Select All and Clear All). The use of multiple select in Lists is to allow users to delete the selection.
      * The deletion of objects selected from a list can be undone using the Undo options
      * Multiple Select in Display. This is now generally available using the Shift key when selecting objects.
      * Rubber Band Selection. Objects can also be selected in a group by left clicking an open space and dragging the selection rectangle. Single point objects will be selected when the box covers the object reference point. Objects with vertices such as aprons require that all vertex are covered by the box. This means that rubber banding can be used over an apron to select parking spots etc.
      * Multi selected objects can be deleted as a group. This action can be undone
      * Multiple selected objects can be dragged as a group. This action can be undone. Note that the code handling multi object dragging is not the most efficient so it should be used only for small groups of objects. Also there is a visual bug in Undo of dragged taxi points. This is erratic but sometimes the surface and markings associated with the point are not drawn correctly with the Undo. This is cosmetic and is corrected when the point is mouse-overed. The problem seems to relate to the third party graphics engine used and all attempts to fix it have pretty much failed so far.
      * Real time Issue Manager that checks for fatal compiler errors as you work
      * The number of vertices used to make an apron from a helper shape (circle or ellipse) can now be set by user (ProKey Required)
      * Send Log. Users may now send the application log directly to us. This can be done via a button in the Options Dialog or if there is an application error and ADE needs to close. No personal information is sent other than the user initials are used as part of the file name.
      * Hot Keys from FS when ADE is connected (Requires ProKey). When FS is running and has focus pressing the following keys will affect ADE at the user aircraft location:
      o 'm' will place a position marker
      o 'o' will place a parking spot of the current type specified in the toolbar
      o '.'' Will place a normal taxi point (blue color in ADE)

      * Workaround to stop ADE crashing if the user selects multiple taxi paths and then tries to set the default color. This now displays an error message but does not crash.
      * A new modelList.dat file is included that has the acceleration pack objects in it
      * The problem with Invalid XML Characters coming through in Airport and Com properties from some AFCAD/AFX created files. This is an issue for the MS Compiler and does not indicate there is any Library Object Manager now imports objects by Folder as well as by File
      * List with Drag and Drop now show Drag/Drop Allowed below the item count
      * Handling of Background Images. We have changed several things to improve performance when using background images
      * Copy and Paste Extended. Copy and Paste now covers most objects. The following cannot be copied: Airport Reference Point, Taxi links, Taxi points, Background images, Starts, ILS, Way points. Copying VOR and NDB will open the property editor and the user must change the Ident to avoid a compiler error.
      * The Logging mechanism is being replaced. The old text log is no longer created. A now log is generated with a binary format (one in FS9 and one in FSX) name is Log.tx1. This log is generated new each time the program is started (this is development behaviour (production behaviour will have a log that persists with a maximum size). This new logger is much more powerful than the old one.
      * Exclusion rectangles can now be re-sized using handles on each corner and side
      * Helper shapes can be re-sized using handles (ProKey required)
      * The minimum scale for Library objects has been reduced from 0.01 to 0.001 (use with care!)
      * Extended Move Airport to allow setting the target coordinates to move the airport to (ProKey Function)
      * Apron selection now makes the apron transparent. Dragging an apron after selection requires that it be dragged by an edge
      * Adding and deleting vertex points is now undoable. Dragging vertex points is now undoable
      * Editing Vertex is now available. However it generally only allows the manual setting of coordinates.
      * Drag and Edit Vertex can now be undone

      * A problem with Loading Stock Data via the Tools menu. This resulted in micro excludes being generated for scenery objects and taxi signs even where they are not selected to import
      * ADE not loading stock scenery objects for Navaids located at the airport. ADE was not checking the stock Navaid files for objects.
      * Loss of Buttons etc. when DPI setting is not the standard 96. For example ADE should now work correctly at 120dpi
      * Improved poor handling and performance issues with Background Images
      * Airport Level Locks now honor the 'Locking Disables Edit' option. This means that an airport level locked apron cannot be moved or deleted but can be edited if the Locking Disables Edit option is not set.
      * Tool tip for Helper Shape Circle now reports diameter to match design property

      * The red ring depicting the airport test radius in FSX has been removed. This caused problems with multi drag. I will look for a fix but it is low priority
      * Dragging large number of objects especially nodes is very slow. No drag animation is likely to appear. Drag slowly and wait for the display to catch up! Some opportunities for performance enhancement do exist.
      * Visual bug in undo of moved taxi points. The surface and markings may not draw correctly. These restore if the mouse if placed over the node. This is erratic and may not be seen.
      * Possible CTD when taking screenshot of Library Object from LOM
      * In some cases where there are two ILS duplicated at the same spot and one is deleted via the Issue Manager. The second is not drawn so both appear to be lost. The ILS is there. It is a drawing problem that should be fixed in the next build

  • Airport Design Editor 9x Version 1.47.02 Released

    • NEW
      * New tools menu entries for showing tooltips and apron outlines. These are backed by Ctrl+T to toggle tooltips and Ctrl+H for apron outlines
      * The fault finder category Orphan Parking is now just parking
      * In ADEX the Assigned Parking status just shows the number of parking spots with airline codes. It no longer raises warnings
      * ADE now allows users to delete stock ILS via a process of orphaning
      * In ADE9 the Assigned Parking Status will show an error message if there are parking spots with index values over 254 containing airline codes. The spots themselves get a red edge and the tool tip also warns of the error situation

      * Altitude is now shown to three decimal places in the property dialog
      * Format of project files changed to compressed and the extension changed to .ad2. ADE will still read the previous .ade format but only saves in .ad2 format
      * Display of tool tips is now user controlled
      * Checking for a matching version of FS/FSUIPC is now user controlled
      * The appearance of mouse over outline for aprons is now user controlled
      * ADE now checks whether a taxi link color is default or not. If the user changes the type of a link with the default color then the link color is changed to the new default. If the link color is custom then it is retained

      * The option for vehicle links no longer appears in the ADE9 property dialog
      * Magvar values over +/- 90 no longer cause CTD in airport property dialog
      * Hide/show of terrain polys now works correctly
      * User should no longer be stuck in panning mode if a mouse button is clicked while the center button/wheel is depressed
      * Unknown element ID present in bgl files created by recent versions of AFX should no longer cause a load failure
      * Objects and taxi signs imported from bgl files should now delete correctly
      * Zero sized Exclusion Rectangles should no longer persist and should not cause a graphics engine CTD
      * The main window should no longer be lost when closing the common property dialog
      * It should now be possible to set the localizer beam width
      * ADE should now correctly identify and report any parking spots in FS9 with index numbers greater than 254 and that have airline codes. This includes design time identification and fault finder
      * CTD when entering a letter into the image complexity setting should no longer result in a CTD

  • Airport Design Editor 9x Version 1.45.05 Released

    • NEW
      * Support for FS9. ADE now supports FS9 in all areas except terrain elements
      * User defined colors for taxi links
      * Move user aircraft to selected object when connected
      * ADE now allows users to delete stock ILS via a process of orphaning
      * Display distance of user aircraft from ARP

      * Customized Zoom Factors in Lists allowing user to select zoom factor for different lists
      * User can decide by List whether or not the display centers on the centered object
      * ADE databases now ship with ADE so there is no requirement to scan
      * Moving/Editing/Deleting stock Navaids tidied up to match what FS9/FSX honor
      * Enhanced Aircraft Symbol when connected including user defined wingspan setting
      * ADE now pings the update server to check if update server is available or user not connected
      * Move object to aircraft position is enhanced to include object heading to user aircraft heading
      * Updated auto-setting of link surfaces to enable users to change runway link surfaces manually in FS9 mode
      * Enhanced Bookmark function so that ADE displays distance and heading of mouse from bookmark
      * ADE will warn the user if user aircraft is more than 65Nm from the airport reference point

      * Fixed sort Links by Width in Taxi link List
      * Fixed Navaid List by frequency
      * Fixed failure to be able to add jet way to parking spot after cancelling a jet way add
      * Fixed drift of Aircraft Symbol in ADE away from user aircraft location in FS
      * Fixed CTD when using printing functions and user has no printer available
      * Fixed CTD when FS is closed while ADE is connected
      * Fixed Apron counter in status bar now takes account of copied aprons
      * Partially fixed loss of focus of main window
      * Fixed loss if Position Marker List when updated

  • Airport Design Editor Version 1.40.09 Patch Released

    • FIXED
      * This deals with some reported crashes when compiling airports containing route waypoints

  • Airport Design Editor Version 1.40.08 Patch Released

    • This update is for ADE version 1.40.07. If you have an earlier version then please first download the full 1.40 installation from and then apply this update.

      * ADE crashes after loading several airports one after the other
      * Using the arrow keys directly after changing the Mode in the toolbar does not move the display

  • Airport Design Editor Version 1.40.07 Released

    • We are delighted to announce the release of Airport Design Editor Version 1.40. This is a significant new release with a number of bug fixes, enhancements and new features. The major new function is the Visual Approach Designer. We have enhanced a number of areas including the range of co-ordinate formats that can be used when entering locations; runway length of greater than 20,000ft are now allowed; inclusion of no crash and no autogen suppression of objects; locking of objects groups such as runways or aprons is now specific to each project. We have fixed many bugs including the one that caused ADE project files to grow in size and the one that caused objects to move after setting their position manually.

      * Automatic ILS Approach Added with new User ILS.
      * Randomize Parking. You can randomize the parking order, or drag the order of parking spots to suit your needs
      * Import XML/Bgl files. Users can now import information from a bgl or xml files into an existing project
      * The program now provides two design modes. One for the airport design and the other for designing approaches
      * Center on Aircraft Option. Useful if you lose sight of the aircraft while working on an airport
      * Center on mouse position. Simply centers the display on the current mouse position
      * Bookmark the current mouse position and return to it later. This might be useful when working on a large airport

      * Increased the number of co-ordinate formats that ADE will accept
      * Default Sign Justification should be RIGHT
      * Removed Closed Flags on Runways
      * All rotation now take place around the current mouse location
      * Allow runways or more than 20,000 feet
      * Flags for No Crash and No Autogen Suppression on scenery objects
      * Remove Approach Option in Settings. This option is no longer required
      * Autosave only save if project has changes
      * Change Application Locking to Project Locking
      * Position of Glide Slope. Made the placement of glide slopes more accurate when adding a user ILS
      * Pre Load Folder Check
      * User set guideline width
      * Fault finder now checks for duplicate runways
      * Option to set location of object manually or via drag
      * Stock Databases reduced to three to facilitate Approach Mode and loading of stock navaids and waypoints
      * Performance enhancements. Some parts of ADE should now work faster

      * Bug that caused Exclusion Rectangle size to be incorrectly compiled
      * CTD for ILS Deletion with GS/DME
      * Bug that stopped ADE from retaining the Region ID for Vor/Dme
      * CTD caused by attempting to open Airport Properties when No Airport Loaded
      * Make Apron from Helper Shape is Dimension Unit Dependent
      * ADE Centering on ARP when window size changed or minimized
      * Incorrect drawing of Hold Shorts
      * Separator problem updating to 1.37
      * Color Tool tip for Application Locked Runways/Aprons
      * CTD using existing ICAO for new airport
      * Fault finder faulting Starts wrongly
      * Helipad and taxi sign property dialog heading missing
      * X Key active when no airport loaded
      * Missing labels in properties box
      * UNKNOWN VASI type changed to something else
      * Parking spot List always shows meters
      * ADE now reads and loads bgl files that contain only taxi signs
      * Zoom to 2.5 when selecting background image
      * ADE freeze when loading NZSP
      * ADE project file size increase when copying objects and generic buildings from one airport to another
      * Bug that stopped deletion of terrain vector vertices
      * Multiple columns in List export csv file
      * Incorrect Help URL
      * View menu does not work for terrain excludes
      * CTD if user defined folder not found
      * CTD - Generic GDI+ when saving library object image
      * CTD caused by ILS without a runway number
      * Compiling Duplicate Navaids
      * Bug that caused objects to move after the location is manually set

  • Airport Design Editor Version 1.37 Released

    • We have just made Version 1.37 available. This will be the last patch update. The next Version will be a full release version. 1.37 is available via the automatic updater and we will upload it to Flightsim sites shortly. 1.37 is primarily a bug fix release but does have some new functions.

      * Help system partially moved to on-line help system. Note that this is incomplete. (Access via Help)
      * Users can now add Terminal Waypoints
      * Users can now add custom exclusion rectangles
      * Region ID is automatically found
      * Magnetic Variation for new airport can be automatically found
      * Move selected object to aircraft position if connected to FSX

      * Stock navigational aids can now be moved

      * Bug that caused coordinate entry to be reversed in New Background Image dialog for some users
      * Bug that caused CTD if user clicked off item in selected stock airport list
      * Bug that caused failure of update down loader to open for some users
      * Bug that caused OOM in FSX if apron edge light length is less than separation value
      * Bug that caused CTD when multi selecting parking spots
      * Bug that stopped taxi links being edited in list view
      * Bug that caused over size display of some scenery objects for some users
      * Bug that caused CTD related to taxi designators

      Please note that this version will ask you to re-create your stock databases. DO NOT SKIP! Failure to re-build the databases will cause ADE to crash. There is new database.

      Please not the new Help System. It is a new on-line system and very much a work in progress. We have made it available since it covers new functions and also as an adjunct to the manuals. If you cannot find what you are looking for in this system then you will need to use the manual and release notes. We hope to have the new system fully operational for the next full release.

  • Airport Design Editor Version 1.35 Released

    • NEW
      * Users can now use their own models in ADE
      * Users can choose whether to compile airport and scenery elements into one bgl file or split into two
      * Users can now draw helper shapes to make positioning easier and to create curves etc
      * Helper shapes can be converted into aprons with single click
      * User adjustable color, brightness and separation of apron edge lights (with grateful thanks to Don Grovestine)
      * Improved drawing of taxiway junctions
      * Users can now straighten link chains

      * Manual update check now reports if user has latest version
      * Test for link on runway has been relaxed slightly
      * Airline code string in Parking spot is now validates to stop compiler errors where commas are missing
      * Background images now in their own layer so should not obscure terrain vector elements
      * Airport ARP can now be moved

      * Bug that stopped adding vertex into terrain vector
      * Color setting for display background so user cannot select any transparency
      * Decompile error for generic buildings with very large texture repeat
      * Changes in airport properties can now be undone
      * Users can no longer delete ARP

  • Airport Design Editor Version 1.30 Released

    • We are pleased to announce the update to 1.30. This contains several fixes and some new functionality. Is is available from versions 1.20 thru 1.26 using Help > Check for Updates. Note that this is not a full installation and requires version 1.20 or later to already be installed.

      * Screen capture tool to capture thumbnails for library objects or generic buildings
      * You can save any of the mega_shok.gif,000+ generic buildings in FSX and use them to enhance other airports
      * ADE has a Library Object Manager that allows to work with object libraries with the ability to add custom libraries
      * Short cut keys for Open ADE File, Save File, Compile Airport and Exit ADE

      * ADE can make automatic checks for new versions. Manual update uses new method matching automatic check
      * Adding Library Objects is now a one step rather than two step process to add library objects

      * Bug that caused CTD when adding a fuel trigger
      * Bug that resulted in some airport objects not being loaded into ADE

      The installer will install release notes. These contain important information about how new and updated functions work since Version 1.20

  • Airport Design Editor Version 1.25 Released

    • We are very pleased to announce the release of an Update to Airport Design Editor. This update will bring either 1.20 or 1.22 up to 1.25. There is no need to remove the 1.22 update before applying the new one. This version deals with a number of bugs and also adds some significant new functionality. Full details below.

      Available via the on-line updater but should be available on AVSIM and FlightSim.Com shortly. We would appreciate you getting it from the external sources as this will reduce the bandwidth demands on our server which are currently rather high.

      * Cross wind runways. Partially automates the process of creating them
      * Drag/drop sorting of runways in runway list. Allows re-ordering of runways in the bgl file
      * Sloping polygons: individual vertex points for flattens. Vertex altitude can be set to FSX ground altitude
      * New airport background polygon altitude now defaults to airport reference altitude
      * Change Airport Altitude: generates pre-load bgl, places it correctly and adjusts all airport element altitudes
      * Taxi sign wizard helps visual design of signs
      * Taxi sign tooltip shows visual of sign. Taxi sign list shows visual of sign
      * Library object tooltip shows a thumbnail of the object if available. Scenery object list shows thumbnail of the object
         if available

      * Tidied up terrain Polygon dialog
      * Listing or adding elements will turn on the appropriate view option where the element is hidden
      * There is now a scenery object list that contains generic buildings, library objects, fuel triggers and windsocks

      * Bug that caused crash when creating a poly and dragging after closing poly with single click
      * Bug that displayed numbers for cardinal runway idents
      * Bug related to winding direction of terrain polygons
      * Bug that stopped user marker being deleted from naviad list
      * Bug that stopped Marker location being edited
      * Bug when dragging marker
      * Bug that allowed R00 in start properties
      * Bug that allowed more than one item to remain selected
      * Missing taxi link cursor
      * Bug that left cvx bgl in place where shapes are all deleted

  • Airport Design Editor 1.2 Released

    • ScruffyDuck Software and the ADE Development Team are delighted to announce the release of Airport Design Editor version 1.20. This is a significant upgrade to the Program and contains many fixes and functional enhancements. It also sees the merging of Home and Pro Edition functionality. As of version 1.20, there is only one edition of ADE.

      Major new functionality includes the creation and manipulation of terrain elements such as airport backgrounds, land class and exclusions. There is not longer any need to use a separate utility to modify the terrain at your airport. Also ADE now loads the generic buildings, library objects, windsocks and fuel triggers with a stock airport. Once included you can move, delete or otherwise modify these items and ADE automatically takes care of excluding the stock objects. You can add stock library objects and ADE makes it simple to accurately enhance your local airport with easy access to around 450 common objects including library objects, windsocks and fuel triggers.

      Other enhancements include copy/paste; display the XML code for the airport or any object, and automatic updating of ILS, Starts and runway links when a runway is renumbered. ADE 1.20 is delivered via an installer that also allows you to download the tutorials. A new installation and configuration tutorial is released alongside providing information on setting up this new version. Airport Design Editor 1.20 is available for download from AVSIM, FlightSim.Com and the Airport Design Editor site.


Bob Kesshan has invested a tremendeous amount of work to create so far three tutorials for ADE. He has gone to great lengths to present the basics of airport design in a very comprehensible way. These manuals can be selected as a download option when running the installer.

Tutorial1 - Paths, Parking and Aprons
Tutorial2 - Background Images

Helmuth Hauck has made an excellent German Manual which will be part of the installation package for the new 1.40 Release. All updates for the English manual of Release 1.45 are also done by him.

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