If you feel that the Flightsim skies are lacking military aircraft, there is one group of gifted modellers and painters which can change this for you. Countless military AI models have been released by this group over the years. And they keep coming.... F-14, F-15, F-117, A-10, Phantoms, B-1, B-2 are all done by MAIW. The models come with realistic flight plans and scenery.

Military AI Works

MAIW packages are designed for FS9 only. But most of the aircraft work fine and look gorgeous if installed correctly in FSX (DirectX 9 mode, SP2 or Acceleration) and P3D. I have written a detailed installation guide describing all necessary steps to install MAIW packages into FSX. The process is fairly simple and you can always revert back. Propeller textures are one of the few things that won't work correctly in FSX. For this purpose I have written a small tool which helps you to easily replace the propeller textures. Again, this process is fully revertible.

FSX Installation Guide Propeller Texture Replace Tool MAIW Shortcut Creator
download the MAIW FSX Installation Guide download the MAIW Propeller Texture Replacer download the MAIW Menu Shortcut Creator

It is hard no keep the overview about all the MAIW releases. This complete and detailed package overview should help you to find your way around more easily.

Click on the looking glass Preview to open the original MAIW package description in a new tab. Click on Download to start the download of the package from the MAIW website. The fields above the column headers are filter input fields. If you search for a title, an aircraft or an airport, type any part of the search phrase in the field above the respective column. Clicking on the column headers will sort the table appropriately. Double-click a record for detailed view.

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