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The Ralf Kreibich AI collection

Several times I started to design things in GMax and FSDS without getting very far. I feel definitely more at ease in Visual Basic, PHP or with Installer scripts. Then something happened that brought me back to aircraft design.

I contacted Ralf Kreibich who had published a nice F-84 package and asked him if he could consider making an RF-84 model as well. I loved his answer - he attached the RF-84 model which was already completed.

We started to talk, and I learned that Ralf intended to step away from his hobby. He sent me some additional aircraft. After having seen them in FS I was stunned. Such beautiful models and they should not be made available?

After I told Ralf that I feel these models should be published by all means he said that he had made up his mind and would not publish anything else. But he did send me the sources and trusted and authorized me to edit and publish them.

So here we are. My plan is to publish all of Ralf's models. I have teamed up with Ray Parker, who is an artist when it comes to aircraft paintwork. He will let Ralf's models shine. I decided to start with an aircraft I was looking for since years - the F-104G Starfighter. Models that should come later include the already mentioned F-84 Thunderstreak, the RF-84 Thunderflash, the F-102 Delta Dagger and the Ja-35 Draken.

This is the list of F-104 Starfighter Packages that you can download at the Owls Nest Download Center, from AVSim or from FlightSim.

The MAIW Tornado canopy fix

All Tornados in the MAIW packages utilize the great model from Fernando Martinez.

Used in an FSX environment, there is one shortcoming with this model: the cockpit glass appears grayish opaque. Luckily this can be fixed by adding an alpha channel for the cockpit glass part. This is a simple, but tedious task that needs to be executed 283 times.

Thanks to the friendly folks from MAIW for allowing me to make the modified textures available. You will find the following packages in the download section:

The MAIW Eurofighter canopy fix

All Typhoons in the MAIW packages utilize the great model from Nick Black.

Like the Tornado this model has an opaque canopy glass when used in FSX. I tried to fix it like the Tornado, but never found the correct piece of texture. Luckily Gavin Cole did not gave up on this and discovered the right part so that we can fix this issue by adding an alpha channel where needed. Great job, Gavin!

Thanks to Andy Nott for allowing me to make the modified textures available. You will find the following packages in the download section:

The MAIW A-10 canopy fix

The A-10, already used in the very first MAIW package, is the work of Rysiek Winawer.

She as well has the issue when used in FSX that the cockpit glass appears opaque, but for another reason like the Tornado. In this case the glass is not textured at all, which works perfectly in FS9, but makes the cockpit intransparent in FSX. This can only be cured by texturing the glassy parts.

Rysiek has provided me with the sources of the A-10 model to make the needed modifications. Thank you for this vote of trust, Rysio! I have already completed the model update. The result is as expected - a wonderful model with a transparent cockpit.

In the coming days I will complete the program which when pointed at your MAIW aircraft folder will backup and replace the current model with the updated one. You will find the installer in the download section.

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